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Gift from Auntie Pei Sung

Monday, October 20, 2008

Today mummy received a message from Auntie Pei Sung telling her that she bought a baby robe for me! Auntie Pei Sung saw this robe at one of the shopping mall in KL and fall in love with it. Think it will be very nice on me. She sent mummy the photo of the robe.

Very cute right?

She and mummy agreed that it will look cute and great on me. They can't wait to put it on me however, as the robe is a bit big so have to wait till I am about 3-4 months only I can wear. Thanks Auntie Pei Sung!

Baby Expo

Saturday, October 18, 2008

Daddy and Mummy went to visit the baby expo to know more about having baby. Daddy and Mummy bought a few stuff for me. Daddy and Mummy already planning to buy things for me. Daddy and Mummy pray that God will continue to provide our family. Daddy and Mummy can't wait to dress me up and to use all the baby stuff that suitable for me. Daddy can see Mummy is very happy searching for the correct stuff for me. I am very sure that Mummy and Daddy make every effort to make sure I am very safe in their care.

14 Weeks Consultation

Tuesday, October 7, 2008

Today daddy & mummy went for checkup at Dr Ken's clinic. Daddy mummy was really thankful and praise God that the report and results for the blood test and scan are all very good. Dr Ken told them that mummy is fit to travel to New Zealand in December. They are so happy! I am happy too as we are going to New Zealand for holiday soon!!!

As mummy's tummy is still not showing, mummy worried that I am not growing. So Dr Ken has a quick ultrasound scan to check on my progress. I am 7.56cm now, already growing 2 cm since 2 weeks ago. Daddy mummy praise God for the good result.