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Round and round the garden…

Tuesday, May 25, 2010

For the past two weekend, the weather was so nice and sunny. So daddy mummy took the opportunity to take me out to the nearby park for a stroll. Two weekend ago, they walked me to the playground next road to our house.

I love swing. Don’t worry Yea Yea, Ma Ma and Ah Ma, I am securely buckled on the swing, no chance for me to fall off.

IMG_3665 IMG_3754

Daddy mummy got me a trike. I love to be on my trike when mummy daddy brought me to the park with it or when mummy push me on the trike to collect letter at the post box.

 IMG_3764 IMG_3819 IMG_3823Did you see the maple leave on my hand? I love to hold the leave. They are so beautiful!

Me playing happily at the backyard of our house with the grass and leaves!!

 IMG_3974  IMG_4000IMG_3993 IMG_4021

I am so amazed my the different colour and textures of the leaves!

Last weekend, we went to Ringwood Lake Park. I love outdoor, I love to run around on the field and play in the playground.



Mummy said I was acting like I really know how to play the big kid’s game – the bingo


                                        I love this rocker. When I shake it will rock!!!

                                           I’m walk walk walk walk in the light…   .


I love autumn because the leaves are so colourful and they make noises when I walk on them

   IMG_4249 IMG_4238



                       and not forget the family photos together before we left the parkIMG_4231

Daddy, can we stay longer? I don’t feel like going yet.

    IMG_4273 When I am at home, mummy will let me do “colouring”

 IMG_3412IMG_3414 IMG_3416 IMG_3420

I am very good in colouring, I will colour everywhere, including the table, the chair, the floor board but not the paper!! :D

Notice my spiky hair? This is my look when I just wake up from my nap/ sleep.

IMG_3581I will also play with my car but I don’t know how to push with my own legs yet. Mummy has to push me all the time.

These are basically my weekend activities for the past few weeks.

Oh yeah, last week mummy make a new hair style for me – the samurai hair style!! Nice? 



My 1st encounter with the ocean

Thursday, May 13, 2010

Two weeks ago, daddy did not have to go to work on Monday because of ANZAC day holiday. So mummy suggested to go for a ride and bring me to the beach since I have not been to the beach. Daddy drove us to Mornington, where Auntie Liza said that the beach is nicer there.

Daddy mummy met Auntie Liza there for lunch, after that we headed to the beach nearby.


When we arrived at the beach, I can hear very loud noise around. Mummy said that’s the sound of the wave. I didn’t not like the sound. Daddy shown me some seashells on the beach. They look beautiful.


Mummy let me stand on the beach, but I did not like the texture of the sand, it wasn’t the same as the sand in my sand pit!!! I lifted up my feets refused to stand on it.



However, after 10-15 min, I started to get used to the sand and even start walking on the sand. It was quite fun actually!!!  

Auntie Liza showing me some doggies on the beach.IMG_2885

                                         I was looking at the sea gulls flying on the sky.


However, I am very scared of the wave. The white big wave keep coming in and out on the beach and making such a loud voice. I cried when the sea water touched my feet. It’s very cold!!! IMG_2907


Other than that I enjoyed myself on the beach walking around.IMG_2920

See my cheeky look came out now!


Having fun time with mummy



IMG_2912  IMG_2926                                    Is that bird bird mummy? There’s so many of them!IMG_2942                                          Ah, it is so fun walking on the beach!IMG_2932

Of course daddy mummy did not forget to take a family photo before we left the beach.

family outing

Daddy mummy said they will have to bring me to the beach more often so that I can get used to it and enjoy beach because both of them love beach very much.


Happy Mother’s day!

Sunday, May 9, 2010

This is the 2nd mother’s day I celebrated with mummy. Last year I was just 1 month old, mummy didn’t get to go out and celebrate her special day but were able to celebrate with Ah Ma, and Yi Por. This year, daddy and I were able to bring mummy out for a small celebration. We brought mummy out for lunch on Saturday instead of Sunday to avoid the crowd and the expensive pricing on Sunday. We had lunch at one of the famous Japanese fine dining in Dockland – Kobe Jones. Daddy mummy ordered themselves a bento each…

IMG_3351 IMG_3352

and a side dish called adegashi tofu

IMG_3358 I got to eat some of the chicken, rice and tofu from mummy, yum yum. Besides that I also enjoyed my oatmeal biscuits on my special high chair.


                                                              more biscuits on the tray?IMG_3345 I also enjoyed walking around at the restaurant while attracted a lot of attention from the waitress.

IMG_3332 IMG_3333 Daddy mummy had a yummy and gorgeous Sushi Mi dessert at the end of the meal.

There are not sushi but yummy cheesecakes and the dark chocolate which looks like chopsticks.


I went to children church on mother’s day Sunday. I gave mummy a special something after the church, my 1st craft – mother’s day card.


I put the stickers on the card and did some nice “colouring” inside the card to give to mummy. Isn’t it nice?!!

Mummy was so happy finally I did the craft in Sunday school.

Mummy bought me some crayon and in the evening, I saw mummy how I did the colouring for her card again.



                                                   I can colour with two hands too!!IMG_3405 IMG_3406

Daddy cooked mummy warm prawn salad with mandarin and spinach for mother’s day dinner.


IMG_3370  Daddy also bought mummy a mother’s day, a pressie that can give mummy clear direction when she needs to drive to new places herself. Yes, it is a GPS! How thoughtful and sweet daddy is. We are glad that mummy enjoyed her mother’s day weekend after the hectic week working and baking. Thank you daddy for making it happened. Happy mother’s day mummy, we love you!!

I also want to wish grandma, ah ma, all the mommies happy mother’s day!!! God bless you all!!