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Saturday, July 30, 2011

As you all know, Esrene loves puzzles. On the day of her 2nd birthday, we actually bought her a wooden 20 pieces puzzle next to the indoor playground. The puzzle was on clearance sales, so only cost us $5! However, she doesn’t really like to play with it until recently. We reckon coz it is pretty hard for a 2 years old. It took us sometimes also to fix up the puzzle!

She started to have interest with this puzzle few days back and keep trying on it. Within a few days of ‘practice’ with daddy mummy’s help, now she manage to fix up the 20 pieces puzzle by herself. We are pretty impress! She seems to recognise where some pieces should go.


Her satisfying look after fixing up the puzzle

30 pieces puzzle next little Jewel?!

3 months and 27 months (mummy’s sharing)

Friday, July 15, 2011

Time flies!! Rennice already 3 months and Esrene already grow up to be a little girl that know how to voice up and complaint! If you ask me how’s life handling 2 kids these 3 months, I should say I was in honeymoon for 2 months when mom was around. I basically just have to concentrate on both kids, and have her to help me with the rest of the housework. Now then mom is not around, it is challenging! But by the grace of God, I manage to put through it and get the hung of it now.

Rennice is very chubby. She is double her sister size comparing month to month. She is close to 6kg now at the age of 3 months, which means she gain average 1kg per month! She is the size of Aussie kids, now have to wear 3-6 months old baby clothes. This little girl is very cheerful. She loves to smile. Just a little “hi Rennice” will make her smile back at you!


However, not like her sister who slept through 9 hours at 2 months old, most of the night Rennice will still wake up at 3-4am crying, and will only go back to sleep after we put dummy on her (she does not like dummy, only will take it when she wakes up half way through the sleep) until 7am. We are hoping she can sleep through the night soon.

Rennice is a pretty quiet baby. She will lay down there quietly observe us while we spend time with her ‘jie jie’, but when she cries she is really loud! We can hear her clearly even in the living room without the baby monitor.


                           Happy Rennice after feed

The big sister Esrene always on the go! Never stop running and jumping around. It is hard for me to make her sit down and concentrate on one thing just for 5 mins (sounds like daddy when he is young). Her favourite day is Friday when she gets to go to childcare and play with all her little friends. She will run in straight without even saying bye bye to mummy. This two years old girl constantly testing our boundary and patience. She hardly obey straight away, and most of the time will go against us. That’s why she always get herself into ‘naughty corner’ or ‘wooden spoon’.


We start to set house rules for her (2 rules for 2 years old) to put more discipline on this girl. Mummy will repeat regularly these rules that written on her wall sticker black board. If she breaks the rules after 3 warnings, she will be disciplined.


When she is in the max of her naughtiness, she will ransack the house, do her “reverse engineering” to anything to see in the house, including those she is not allow to touch! Her books were one of the “victims”. We realised that she treated her books like toys, love tearing the books more than reading and not interested even we offer to read the book for her. To help building up her interest in reading, we decided to create a reading corner for her. We subdivide our living room with the bookshelves, put all her books on the bookshelves for her (her books used to be locked in our bookshelves) and put a comfortable bean bag there for her. We told her that, that’s the place she will use to read her books. If she wants to play her toys, it will be at the family area. 


She get excited with the new place of course. We borrow more books from the library for her, and try our best to sit with her, read the books for her. This helps a lot to build up her interest in reading now. Now at least she can sit down for a good 10 min to read her books, and she loves it when mummy read the books for her. One of her favourite books now is “When baby lost bunny” (the library book).


Attentively reading her “baby” book on her bean bag (pre-loved one) that mummy bought from Kids market


Despite of her naughtiness, she is still the sweet little girl that constantly bring the smile to our face.


Esrene is a loving sister. She always want to “bao bao” (carry) her sister. She wants her sister to join her to play or even read but too bad ‘mei mei’ is way too young to sit down and play with her. For now the only thing that she can do is to lay down next to ‘mei mei’, holding her hands. How sweet!!


However, daddy is not allowed to carry ‘mei mei’. She will get jealous. She will either want mummy to carry her when daddy carries ‘mei  mei’ or want daddy to put ‘mei mei’ down at her rocker instead. Such a daddy’s girl!!

It is certainly a hardwork taking care of two kids full time, however, like my friend said, it is definitely not a hardship. I have to be thankful that God has blessed us with two beautiful girls that bring joy to this family!