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Merry Christmas & blessed new year!!!

Monday, December 24, 2012

In this Christmas & new year, may the LOVE of God fills your heart, may you experience His PEACE in many ways, may you find JOY in many way and discover that (or remember) Jesus is our own HOPE!





1 Month Already!!!

Sunday, December 9, 2012

Couldn't believe Anndelle is already 1 month old!! It feels like she was born just few days ago!!

Baby Anndelle has grown quite a lot within this 1 month. She had a growth spurt as well. She has put on 1.1kg within 1 month, and grow 3cm taller!!

Same like what we did for the 2 elder sisters, we had a small family celebration with a cake on Friday evening which was her actual fullmoon date.


Big sis wana have a photo with fullmoon girl while 2nd jie jie not into taking photo. Jie Jie Esrene had Christmas party at her childcare on that day, thus the face painting (which she said is lovely) and the white string is the balloon tied to her hand.




Cutting cake with Po Po


                                           The girls power!!!


thank you Yea Yea, Ma Ma, Po Po, Yee Po (s), Yee Yee and aunties uncles for the angpow blessing

Since PoPo is here we took the opportunity to ask her to make some fullmoon delicacy for us to distribute to the close friends like what we did for the 2 girls before. PoPo was busy for 2 full days making kueh, nasi kunyit and chicken curry to get ready for our friends to pick up on Saturday afternoon. Thanks mother!! You are the best!



Since this will be our last baby, I decided to make a nicer packaging to put all these delicacy. I was looking around for the brown paper bag that I wanted but most of the sellers are selling in 100s! After discussed with mother, I decided to make my own paper bag to suit the size of the containers as well.


Even though it was quite time consuming making these by myself but I felt the sense of satisfaction looking at the end result, or rather my de-stress therapy Smile

We had a busy yet wonderful weekend for us catching up with our close friends. We wana thank all of them for sparing their time to visit us and also their generous gift blessing for Anndelle!

Happy fullmoon our little precious Anndelle!! May you grow stronger each day!