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Monday, February 20, 2012

Wow look back at our last blog post just realised that we haven’t been updating our blog for 1 month!! Well with 2 kids, work and housework, life have been hectic and most of the moms with 2 little kids and above will agree with that.

Time to catch up with some updates…well more like backdated post, here’s one, our 2011 trip to Singapore & Malaysia.


We had another opportunity to travel back to Penang again for our Christmas!! Thanks to Yea Yea for the generous sponsor. This is my 3rd trip to Penang but is Mei Mei’s 1st trip. I was so excited to be in the plane (actually I could not remember much of my previous plane ride). This time I have my own seat, my own TV and my big meal!! I am spoilt!


I was so excited that I could not stop touching everything and refused to sit down properly even during take off and landing time. I refused to sleep as well, until I was so exhausted that I fell asleep when we touched down in Singapore!! Daddy had to carry me down the plane with the hand luggage as I refused to wake up! Mei Mei was behaving very well. She had her good nap after mummy put the ear muffs on her (to stop the noise in the plane that will wake her up). IMG_0140


We arrived in Singapore close to midnight Australia time. Uncle Eu Jin (daddy mummy’s friend) picked us up in the airport to our hotel. I continued to doze off in the car until I arrived hotel. I was wide awake after that with the new environment and new room. Both Mei Mei and I had jetlack on the first 2 days, we woke up at 4-5am which was 8am Australia time. However, we had a great time in Singapore walking around enjoying the beautiful Christmas decoration, lights and meeting a lot of aunties, uncles and new friends.


“Jie Jie” refused to walk, want “bao bao” so daddy had to backpack her most of time!

We spent our next one week in Penang visiting family and being spoilt by Yea Yea, Ma Ma, Po Po, aunties and uncles! I also get to enjoy yummy nice food in Penang this time while “mei mei” get to meet up a lot of relatives that haven’t see her before. Thank you everyone for making the time to meet up with us!!

We also want to thank God for the safe journey, enjoyable trip and keep all of us healthy during the trip.