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Farewell 二姨婆(grand auntie)

Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Today is the saddest day for mummy. She received a bad news from home that 二姨婆 (my 2nd grand auntie) lost her battle with cancer and passed away in the morning.

Mummy grew up with 二姨婆’s cooking. 二姨婆 has been like a 2nd mom to mummy. When I was just born 二姨婆 came over to visit me. She made a lot of nice kuih for my full moon and cooked a lot of nice food for mummy to eat.

DSCN1747 DSCN1837

I spent some sweet moment with 二姨婆 when I went to Penang for visit last year.


We no longer can see 二姨婆 next time when we go back Penang :(

We will miss you forever 二姨婆!!!! Thank you for all that you have done for us and the family. We really hope you are in a better place now.

Happy Birthday Daddy

Saturday, September 25, 2010

Today is daddy’s birthday!!

Mummy still not fully recover from her morning sickness, so we didn’t have a celebration for daddy except for normal weekend eat out. In the afternoon, grand auntie Wong, auntie Liza and auntie Suz came over for visit, brought some egg tarts to wish daddy happy birthday. How sweet they are!!

We went out for dinner tonight cause mummy wanted to give daddy a birthday treat. We had our dinner at a Japanese restaurant where daddy get to eat his favourite tempura and Japanese Shiron steak. I get to eat some vegetable and fish from daddy mummy’s meal too!

Daddy, happy birthday!!!!

Mummy and I pray that the Lord Jesus will continue to bless daddy with good health, and guide daddy each day so that daddy can continue to walk closer to Him and shine for Him. We love you daddy!!!


Back in Action

Sunday, September 19, 2010

Sorry for being mission in action recently as mummy is not feeling well all these while. We had a busy few moths and a lot of visitors. Here’s the quick update:
Mid of August Ah Gu, Jie Jie (my cousin) and family came over to Melbourne for holiday and stayed with us. I had a great time playing with Jie Jie. I love her accompany!
IMG_6306  IMG_6446
IMG_6472Early September mummy’s friends came over with their children, I have friends to play with again!
Yea Yea, Ma Ma and Pak Pak were with me for the whole last week! I am spoilt! Everyday they will play with me and pampered me. After I wake up in the morning or my nap, I will look for them! I enjoy myself so so much with their accompany! I even know how to call PAK PAK & YEA YEA loudly. See how much I love them!

They went back now, the house is quiet again. So I have to learn back how to play by myself. As you can see I desperately want play mates. Daddy mummy said I will soon have a play mate to play with everyday! Let me introduce you to my future play mate, my sibling!!

Mummy said he/she is still “cooking” in mummy’s womb.When he/she grows much much bigger then will be ready to come out and play with me! I can’t wait!!! For now I just have to be a good girl and pray that mummy will recover from her morning sickness soon so that she can spend more quality time with me. Please pray for mummy too ok?