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Australia Day

Sunday, January 31, 2010

Last Tuesday was Australia day, so daddy has a day off, means I have a full day with daddy!!!!

Daddy mummy spent most of the morning doing housework and cleaning up the house while I was having my morning nap. Towards the afternoon, daddy decided to bring all of us out for a drive to Mt Dandenong which is just 25min drive from our house. We just had a quick walk there as I was cranky that time. While heading back home, daddy mummy passed by a chocolate factory cafe. So daddy mummy decided to stop by for tea.

It was a very new cafe selling some handmade chocolates and drinks. Daddy mummy ordered Ice Chocolate and Chocolate milk shake for themselves (chocolate factory of course need to have chocolate drink)  while I was happily crawling on the “Chocolate” sofa and climbing up and down as I usually do.


                                                   me with the “chocolate” sofa


I’m trying to run away from daddy…can you see daddy’s hand?


I love to stand up whenever I can grab hold of things to support me

This is daddy mommy’s yummy ice chocolate. They have a complimentary handmade chocolate from the drink.

IMG_0245 IMG_0261

Dark chocolate with moose & cookie and cream toffee

We had a wonderful time at the chocolate factory cafe and a wonder Australia Day out too!




Sunday, January 24, 2010

My new game with daddy mummy…

This video was captured by mum during our KL trip when I suddenly peek-a-boo with them after woke up from my nap.

Next time I will play peek-a-boo with you ok? But depends on my mood...

My First Christmas and Overseas Trip

Friday, January 15, 2010

Hello Uncles & Aunties, it has been a while since I update my blog. We were back to Melbourne one week ago and daddy mummy only managed to get the internet connected now. Anyway, I am going to write a long summary of my overseas trip in this blog.

I spent my first Christmas & new year in Malaysia. This is also my first overseas trip! We flew from Melbourne to Singapore first before heading to Penang. I enjoyed my flight so much that I even get all the attention from the air stewardess.



We spent 3 days in Singapore. This is daddy’s first time in Singapore too! Daddy mummy met up with some of their close friends in Singapore, uncle Aaron, aunty Michelle, Uncle Gabriel, aunty Betty and uncle Raymond. There are a lot of nice Christmas decoration and lighting in the city of Singapore. As it was a very short trip, we didn’t manage to go anywhere besides walking around Orchard Road where our hotel is.


Me with auntie Michelle

 IMG_8743 IMG_8733

Me with Auntie Betty, Uncle Raymond and Uncle Gabby

Then we flew over to Penang to see Yea Yea, Ma Ma, Ah Ma, Pak Pak and all the aunties uncles. They all are so thrilled to see me!!


Met with Ah Ma after 7 months not seeing her.


I love playing with Pak Pak, Ma Ma and Yea Yea too!

I had very enjoyable time with my aunties, uncles and love letting them carrying me everywhere. I also received a lot of ang pow (red packets) from them as a first time meeting up gift.


After two days  daddy mummy brought me to KL. I met up with some of daddy mummy’s closest friends. We stayed with aunty Jessie and uncle Rahim. I enjoyed playing with kor kor Idris during the stay.



However, most of the time I was feeling sleepy and tired, so daddy mummy will let me sleep and didn’t manage to go much places. Sorry daddy mummy, I started to feel sick that time.

 IMG_9104 IMG_9164

I am trying to read the writing on the angpow design

Daddy mummy made an appointment earlier on to bring me for normal check up with the paediatrician after our KL trip. On that very right morning of the check up, which was Christmas eve, I had very high fever – 39.2 degree!!! The nurse had to bring me to the ward and sponge me with the luke warm water to bring down my temperature. I was crying all the way when they “bath” me.

IMG_9209 IMG_9213

After a while, doctor Jessica came to the ward to check on me. She discovered that I had 6 ulcers in my mouth and throat!!!! After further check up she told daddy mummy that I was diagnosed with Hand foot mouth disease (HFMD) which is a very common epidemic in Singapore and Malaysia. As I am just 8 months old, doctor wanted daddy mummy to admit me for close monitoring. Nurses gave me panadol, mouth spray and vitamin throughout the whole day. They even checked my heart beat to make sure I do not have feats. I was very sick then and slept most of the time.


Daddy mummy was so heartache to see me in such a condition.

IMG_9235 IMG_9228

After spending 10 hours in the hospital, my fever subsided, so daddy mummy decided to bring me back home so that I can spend my Christmas eve at home instead of in the hospital. Mummy had to wake up every 2 hours to feed me as I only willing to take breastmilk, refuse all the liquid and food. Sorry mummy, my mouth and throat were very sore!!!


The red spots on my hands and blister on my foot

Early morning on Christmas day, I was welcome with a lot of pressie from daddy mummy, pak pak, Yea Yea Mama. In the afternoon, I received even more pressie from Ah Ma, Auntie, Uncles!!


Me with my Christmas pressie. Daddy mummy said I lost so much weight within 1 day

 IMG_9267 IMG_9259

Daddy mummy has to confine at home with me during Christmas period. They missed out a lot of time eating their yummy Penang food and catching with their friends. Sorry daddy mummy :(

However, I recovered speedily within a few days. Thank You Jesus for the healing. Everyone has been praying for me. Thank you for your prayer too!

The remaining one week in Penang, daddy mummy brought me out to meet up with some of their friends. I also got to meet up some of my little Malaysian friends.

IMG_8919 IMG_8920

Met up with Kor Kor Jern and Su Yi

IMG_9913 IMG_9915

Shanna and I having some baby talk.


I have a very memorable and interesting holiday in Malaysia. Esrene miss you all in Malaysia. Do come to Melbourne to visit us and we hope in the soon future we can go back to Malaysia for a visit again!

Thanks for all the gifts and ang pow for me aunties uncles!!