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Queen’s Birthday Long Weekend

Saturday, June 26, 2010

We had a long weekend holiday 2 weeks ago (Queen’s birthday). As usual, we did not go anyway, just hung around in Melbourne, staying time as family together.

As usual, daddy mummy took me on the trike to walk around the neighbourhood.



They shown me flower and I got to play with one too! Even though it is just a wild flower, I treasured it along, carefully holding the flower and admiring it all the way till we reached home.


I tried to learn like daddy mummy, pushing my trike around IMG_4553 IMG_4571

At home, I played with my toys as usual. This time, I let bunny, piggy and eeyores sat inside my see saw to join me.


This position looks weird…I think I will join you guys in the same place


I became a Hawaiian girl as well. I was trying to be creative with my toy you see


and I learned to be like daddy – become a coach potato

I love to stand in front of the tv and sometimes “stick” to the tv when daddy mummy on the TV. So now mummy wants me to sit on this “tongue” sofa when I watch my favourite Giggle and Hoot. tv program. However, I can only sit on the sofa for maximum 10 min before I start moving. Mummy has to keep asking me to go back to the sofa if I want to continue watching my “Giggle and Hoot”.

Couch potato in making…

  IMG_4660 IMG_4662

See how concentrate I am when my favourite Giggle and Hoot was on the TV?


  IMG_4749 IMG_4761

So now daddy mummy only on the TV for me occasional when they need to keep me occupy while they need to do some work.

Saturday of Queen’s birthday, daddy mummy’s friend uncle Alex came to Melbourne for work. So they took this opportunity to meet up with him. We went to Dandenong Ranger near our house for lunch and tea.

I enjoyed my time at Smoky Fox restaurant with the fox toy there





A photo with uncle Alex at the lookout point. It was freezing cold that time!


With daddy mummy…



After lunch we went to daddy mummy’s favourite chocolate factory for hot chocolate.

I was so happy running around at the garden behind the cafe


And not forgetting asking Uncle Alex to help us take a family photo


On the holiday Monday, we went to Uncle Simon and Aunty Liza’s house to celebrate Grand Aunty Wong’s birthday.Mummy made a beautiful cake for Grand Aunty Wong and I became the temporary grandchild of her to take photo :)


Aunty Liza’s house is VERY BIG!!! I was so happy running here and there, and playing with the interesting vertical central heating on her wall.


Toy Heaven

Monday, June 14, 2010

I am in the toy heaven now. I have new toys to play with nearly every week!!! Yeah!!! Daddy mummy didn’t win any lottery to buy so many toys for me, all these toys are from toy library! As I grow bigger, I get bored with my existing toys. So mummy thought it is time for us to join the toy library so that I can get to play new toys frequently in the lowest cost possible. Anyway, I get bored with a toy pretty quickly. Mummy said it is a waste of money buying me toys which I only play for few days or even few minutes. Some of the nice big toys could even cost few hundreds! Now we only need to pay $30 per year and can borrow as many toys as we like.

The first three new toys we get from the library…big toys!


I was playing with this for a few minutes, after that I felt so bored and throw it aside


Now I am climbing up the rocking “elephant” trying to rock on it


well, I don’t really like it. So I decided to put Eeyore on the rocking elephant inside and rock him. It is more fun!!!


This is the post box that I like the most among the three toys. I will take out the envelopes from the post box and “delivered” to daddy mummy and put the envelopes back after they finish “reading” them.

IMG_4614 The next few days, daddy went to the library to return the two toys that I least play with and get another 3 toys! Actually we can keep the toys for 2-3 weeks but since I didn’t seem to like them, so daddy mummy decided to borrow other toys for me.

This time, I love the toys that daddy chosen for me


The mini Accordion. It makes nice sound when I pushing and pulling the bellows. IMG_4982 the cho-cho train that can play music and move by itself

and my favourite CAR!!!

I know how to open the car door…


get into the car …


not forget to close the door


and start driving the car like daddy!!

IMG_4918 see who is with me in the car?? my Eeyore!!!


Eeyore, remember to put on the seat belt ok.


See how I turn the steering wheel?? Do I look like a professional driver?

I can spend half an hour to 45 min playing with the car. I just like it. Mummy said they will have to extend the borrowing of the car for me so that I can play with it much longer.

This is another new toys of mine. But this is from Auntie Rachel. Ethan and Josiah out grown the toy, so now this is mine!!

IMG_4974 When I press on the handle, the balls will come down and it plays nice music together with it!

So what’s the next new toys daddy mummy??!!

Eeyore and me

Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Let me introduce you to Eeyore if you haven’t know him. He is my sleeping pal. Daddy mummy got it for me in Singapore for my 1st Christmas pressie. Since than I have been sleeping with Eeyore. I will rub her ears and bite her face when I want to go to sleep. Normally I will only cuddle Eeyore during my bed time, other than that I will throw it again.

However, these few days I have been very attached to Eeyore. Most of the time after my afternoon nap, I will want to drag along my Eeyore with me to the living room and my play area.

I will hold tight on my Eeyore and walk around the house.

IMG_4421 IMG_4428IMG_4445

Once in a while I will bite on it and rub on the ears to show that I love Eeyore.

 IMG_4434  IMG_4442

I will even hold tight on Eeyore while trying to play other toys


I even can kick ball ball while holding Eeyore


And took Eeyore for car ride


Oh Eeyore, I love you a lot.

Mummy said she better go and get another Eeyore that are similar for replacement just in case this one spoilt in future.

  IMG_4455 IMG_4463