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Family Care (mommy’s sharing)

Wednesday, February 23, 2011

We have been talking about sending Esrene to family care or childcare for a while but nothing has been done. Daddy wants Esrene to be in care for few days so that she can expose to more children instead of always stay home facing mummy, and mummy can have some break and focus on nurturing baby as well.

As it is approaching to baby’s due date, I took up the task to visit childcare & family care. After some visits, I prefer family care over childcare. In the family care, only maximum 5 kids with a carer, less virus to pickup and they get more attention from the carer. Besides it runs by the council so it is cheaper compare with childcare. I managed to find a family carer who’s available to take care of Esrene from the council. Esrene and I are pretty comfortable with her during our 1st visit, so we started Esrene in the care since February.

1st day to family care (4 Feb 2011)

Little girl carried her own bag filled with sleeping bag, Eeyore, food and water, getting ready to go family care. My baby has grown up!!!

With her independent and sociable character, it is very easy for Esrene to adopt in the care. There’s 3 kids in the care she is in – two 5 years old boy and one 8 months old baby boy. She enjoys playing with them. We send her to the care every Friday and she will spend her morning in the playground with other kids from other carers. She enjoyed her time a lot in the playground, a lot of activities set up for her there like colouring, craft, outdoor play etc. She will happily saying bye bye to me when I send her there. Sometimes when I pick her up she will refuse to go back!

The only con is that she skips her afternoon nap in the care, maybe because of the new environment. So she will look exhausted and sleepy by the end of the care. Hopefully after a while she will be able to get used to it and take her afternoon nap.

Every Friday is an “off day” for me now until the baby come. I get to do more housework, my financial or cake work and run errand. But of course I constantly miss Esrene when she is away. The house seems so so quiet without her around.

Few days ago daddy tidy up his stuffs and leave Esrene with a big cardboard box. Esrene loves playhouse. Every time when we are in Bunnings or toy shops she will run to the playhouse. Playhouse is the first place she will run to when she play in our friends’ backyard as well. However, a good outdoor playhouse will cost at least $300 above, which is too costly for us to get her now. So I decided to make a playhouse from the cardboard box.


She was quite excited with the playhouse for the first day but after that it becomes the playhouse for her Eeyore instead after realising it is not big enough for her. She still goes into the house once in a while but after comes out the “house” will collapse! Anyway a reasonable toy with no cost, not too bad Smile

Learning to be a good “jie jie”

Sunday, February 20, 2011

To make sure I am a good “jie jie” (sister) to “mei mei” when “mei mei” is born, daddy mummy every morning and night will train me to say “hi” or “nite nite” to “mei mei” and give bubba “mei mei” morning and night kiss.

Mummy will let me feel the movement of bubba “mei mei” in her tummy and I will giggle in laughter when I feel the movement.

Mei Mei : “Jie jie, stop pressing your face too hard towards me, I don’t have place to move!” (“Mei mei kicked towards jie jie’s face").


It is so hard for daddy to take photos of me hugging mummy’s tummy or kissing bubba “mei mei” as I will run away straight after hugging or kissing “mei mei”. These are a few rare photos that daddy managed to capture for us as a memory.




Daddy mummy, I will try to be a loving and good “jie jie” to “mei mei” and share my toys with her.

Chinese New Year 2011

Friday, February 18, 2011

This is my 2nd year celebrating Chinese New Year. A week before CNY daddy mummy got some beautiful “fish fish” hanging decoration to decorate the house. I was so excited when I see some fishes at the living room!!

On CNY eve, we had steamboat for reunion with auntie Ling who is staying alone in Melbourne. Mummy said this is the easiest one to do consider it is just a few of us. For the first time I get to eat steamboat and I love my fish balls!!!

CNY fall on Thursday, there is no public holiday in Melbourne, so I stayed home with mummy as usual. This year we didn’t go any china town to see the celebration because the weather is pretty hot. In the evening after bath, daddy mummy changed me to a pretty CNY cheong sam that they bought for me from Penang. I get to collect angpow from them. I was very excited to receive the angpow, mummy said more like I am more excited to tear off the red packet than anything.

Captured Videos

On CNY weekend, daddy mummy invited some of the close Chinese friends to have lunch as CNY celebration. Mummy cooked some of her family dishes for CNY eg. lobak, ji hu char which daddy loves a lot. I love ji hu char after the first try. I kept asking for more and eat 2 bowls of it for my lunch!

CNY 2011

Daddy mummy let me wear my pretty cheong sam to church for the two CNY weekend. All my Sunday school teachers, aunties and uncles said I look gorgeous with the dress.

You reckon?




Honk honk! Lets go and collect some angpow daddy!



CNY passed by so fast. We managed to celebrate the last day of CNY with a nice dinner at a Chinese restaurant. Hope you had a great CNY too!