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My 10 months celebration…a BIG one!!!

Sunday, February 21, 2010

I turned 10 months on 14th February, which was also Chinese New Year and Valentine’s day. Yea Yea, Ma Ma and Pak Pak flew over here to celebration with us. However, a day before they arrived, I started to have temperature and was not feeling too good. Yet I still welcome them with big smiles. Daddy mummy were busy getting ready for CNY. They tried to decorate the house with some CNY decoration to introduce me with the CNY atmosphere. Thank you Pak Pak for helping them to put up the little lanterns as well.IMG_0609

We went for new year groceries shopping on CNY eve and bought a lot of foods for the new year. There’s lion dance performance that time, however, I was scared by the loud drum and the weird animal moving around, I cried!!! It was not as fun as I thought :(

We had Steamboat for reunion dinner. It was my first reunion dinner. I got some fish and plain chicken soup for my dinner. However, I did not have much appetite to eat. IMG_0421 IMG_0423

When I woke up on the first day of Chinese New Year, daddy mummy greeted me with red packets (ang pow). They are not the normal angpow, but the Pooh bear Angpow!! I love receiving ang pow because i love the colourful packets (not really the money).

Photo0003 Photo0005

I also received angpow from Yea Yea, Mama & Pak Pak!!!

IMG_0435 IMG_0436

See the nice cheong sam that I wore? Ah Ma bought for me all the way from Penang!

IMG_0472 After that we had BBQ CNY lunch and invited auntie Liza, uncle Simon and auntie Sue as well. I felt quite weak so I slept most of the time while they had their BBQ.

 IMG_0443IMG_0445The next day, mummy realised that I had quite a lot of red spots around my neck and forehead, even around my face. More and more spots appeared towards the evening. So daddy mummy bought me to After Hour Clinic for check up. Doctor said I got Roseola, which is a harmless virus infection. It is the same virus as Miseales. No wonder Ma Ma said the rashes look very similar to Miseales. Daddy mummy was very thankful that it was not Miseales. However, I still feel uncomfortable and had low rate fever. I was grumpy most of the time.

Look how much rashes on my body and face.

IMG_0574 IMG_0597 It took me close to 5 days to fully recovered.


IMG_0846“ Yea Yea, you take good care of yourself yah. Don’t work too hard, rest more and exercise more.”

        IMG_0849“Mama, Esrene helps you to pack your luggage.”

IMG_0851 “Pak pak, Esrene helps you to check whether you write your detail correctly in the parcel tag”

Despite of my sickness, I enjoyed my Chinese New Year so much with Yea Yea, Ma Ma & Pak Pak. I had a great time together with them.


                                             Enjoying the afternoon with Yea Yea.

 IMG_0604                                                 Me helping to massage Mama’s back

  Pak esreneIMG_0621









Bonding time with Pak Pak


                               Posing with Yea Yea and Ma Ma


I miss them heaps after they left. Yea Yea, Mama and Pak Pak, please come back soon to visit Esrene ya! Thank you so much for helping daddy mummy tidy up the garden, built the gate and thank you for giving me lots and lots of cuddle and kisses.


My first Valentine’s Celebration

Sunday, February 7, 2010

I know I am still young to celebrate Valentine’s day, but I still have the chance to celebrate it with daddy mummy. This year’s Valentine’s day fall on CNY day, to avoid the crowd and avoid spending double for the “special Valentine’s meal”, daddy decided to bring mummy (and of course me) out today for early Valentine’s day meal (it has to be lunch because I still early, so no romantic dinner for them). Isn’t daddy smart?

After church, daddy drove us to one of the nice wine yard restaurants at Yarra Valley called Tokar Estate. The restaurant atmosphere is very quiet and nice. Thus, I decided to add some “joyful” noise for them. They love it and rewarded me with one nice bread!


I have a special and cosy seat besides daddy mummy, see how comfortable I am


Daddy mummy have their yummy Valentine’s day fine dinning meal


Mummy’s grilled fish with prawn and scallops

 IMG_8852 Daddy’s roasted lamb

and Esrene has mummy’s yummy home cooked chicken porridge and 5 stars bread from the restaurant

vlcsnap-260709Daddy mummy has “buy one get one free” voucher, so the total bill for the fine dinning 2 course lunch is just $34. They are very satisfied with the food and the bill!!

IMG_8853 Mummy and I in front of the estate

On the way out from the estate we saw a lot of nice juicy grapes hanging on the vines ready for the harvest. Daddy mummy, can I have some of these grapes please?

IMG_8856 Oh yeah, on Saturday, I had my first picnic in the park!!!

It was uncle Derrick’s birthday celebration. Lots of uncles, aunties, little friends and little doggies joined us for the picnic. I enjoyed myself crawling around the picnic mat, enjoyed the nice weather & watching little friends of mine running around and also enjoyed chasing after uncle Derrick’s doggies (I am trying to pull their fur).


Uncle Derrick was tempting me with his cupcake, yummy, but I am too young to have it


IMG_8833Next week is Chinese New Year, my first CNY too!!! Yea Yea, Ma Ma and Pak Pak will be coming over here to celebrate with us.

Esrene wishes everyone “Gong Xi Gong Xi”. Can I have my ang pow please??

First step to independent

Monday, February 1, 2010

Daddy mummy realised that I am getting more and more lazy to hold my own food and cup. Most of the time when they passed me the food or my cup, I will play with them, throw them on the floor as if they are toys. So today daddy mummy decided to train me to feed myself for my dinner. They started with the steam carrot sticks. They put the carrot stick on my hand, but I hold on it a while, refused to put in my mouth and throw it on the floor!!! They tried a few time and decided they will rather feed me so that I don’t waste all the carrot.

Next they put some bread on my feeding tray and tried to ask me to put in my mouth, but most of the time I refused. So daddy took a piece of bread and “pretended” to feed me, but when I open my mouth , he quickly put the bread on my hand. He finally manage to trick me to feed myself with the bread!!!! I get the hang of it and started to feed myself without their assistance and I love it!!! I even figure out how to change hand when my food stuck on my palm or become too small to put in the mouth. I also feed myself with prune, which are my dessert. I love prune, so I just put the whole piece that daddy passed to me right into my mouth. Of course daddy mummy monitor me closely so that I won’t choke myself.


                                     See how big I open my mouth!

 IMG_0378 Aiks, how come I can’t bite the food instead I bite on my own hand? Where is the bread? Daddy said I look a bit like Cookie Monster but I am the “bread monster” instead!


Daddy mummy were so proud of me even though I messed up the feeding tray and the floor around me.

Now it is my turn to feed them since they have been feeding me…sharing is caring…

Some bread for you mummy

IMG_0379 Some bread for you too daddy

IMG_0381 I love my self-feeding dinner time!!!

After the dinner, mummy brush my teeth (I got 2 tooth, so have to keep them clean), and I love my brushing teeth time…see

IMG_0399So what I can feed myself with tomorrow daddy mummy?