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My Sunday

Sunday, May 31, 2009

It us Sunday today. I woke up as usual time for feeding, then mummy dressed me up with a new dress that she just bought for me to go church.

I enjoyed my car ride on the way to church.

In church, I stayed awake during the worship service, enjoyed the worship songs together with daddy and mummy then right at the last worship song, I felt so sleepy and fall asleep.

After the service mummy feed me before we head for little shopping.

I had an enjoyable but tiring day!

The Wonder of Breastmilk - mummy's sharing

Monday, May 25, 2009

Everyone know the benefit of breast milk to our child. However, after being a breastfeeding mom for 6 weeks, I am so amazed to discover more benefit of breast milk from the midwives, lactation consultants, doctors and some I personally test on it myself. I called this the WONDER OF BREAST MILK. I thought it would be interesting to share these information with the moms and mom-to-be.

1. Breast milk to cure sore cracked nipple
Rube some breast milk around the sore areas of the nipples after feeding and left it out to air dry. It is effective. Now I no longer need to apply Lanolin cream .

2. Breast milk heal stuffy nose
Squirt a few drop of breast milk into baby's stuffy nose. I tried that on Esrene, and I am amazed to see how quickly the mucus inside her nose cleared!

3. Breast milk to cure eyes infection
Squirt a few drop of milkaround into the infected eyes preferable while they are sleeping. A lot of my life group moms tried on their child. It is proven effective.

4. Breast milk heal insects bites
Breast milk is a sterile disinfecting concoction; rub the substance on insect bites can to stop the itching.

5. Breast milk to cure diaper rush
Wash the infected area of the skin with clean water, and then apply the breast milk all over the infected area. Let the milk air-dry. Have not try it. This will save me a lot on nappy rash cream if it works!

6. Breast milk cure sore throat and mouth sore
Breastfeed baby with sore throat can help to cure their soreness fast. Wow, medicine free treatment, cool! I will try it in future.

7. Breast milk heal scratches, burns, gouges, and scrapes
squirt and rub breast milk on the infected area. Let the area air-dry. One of the midwives told me she used it on her kids to heal their wound.

Isn't it amazing how useful our breast milk can be? It can help parents to save lots of money for the cream, medicine and skin products for the child. Great discovery for me personally especially during this economy downturn time.

I read in one article that breast milk can even use it for face cleanser and as contact lenses solution!!! Anyone dare to try?

P.S. By the way, to cure dry, pealing skin of the baby and even cradle cup, apply some olive oil on the skin. It works better than the moisturising cream. Now you can save your money on the baby lotion!

Things I like and Dislike

Thursday, May 21, 2009

Things I Like.

  1. I like taking hot bath. Daddy always make sure the temperature is just right for me. If too cold, I will cry my lungs out.

2. I like after-bath body massage especially from Mummy. Daddy sometimes do it but I
prefer mummy's touch. She is an expert.

3. I love to poo!!!! After that I will act innocent. Daddy and mummy have to bear with the smell but it is all worth it.

4. I love to listen to mummy playing worship songs on the piano. I will stop crying when I hear the music from the keyboard.

5. I like going "gai gai" (going out). I am very well behave when I am outing but not at home. I will throw my tantrum at home.

Things I dislike.

1. When my daddy read me stories. I find it is so boring.

2. I dislike daddy changing my nappy when the weather is cold. I will cry and cry and cry until my face turn red.

Full Moon

Thursday, May 14, 2009

I am already 1 month old! Daddy mommy had a small thanksgiving (aka full moon) celebration for me at home, but they did it 4 days earlier coz it was Sunday. Ah ma and aunties are here. So mommy took the opportunity to ask them to make some Malaysia ang ku kueh, nasi kunyit and curry chicken for the full moon. This is the so-called full moon food that people made in Malaysia. They also helped me to wear the jewellery given by Yea Yea & Ma Ma.

Daddy mommy also asked some of their friends to come over for the "feast", and most of them are Malaysia friends who miss these food so much. On the actual day of my full moon, daddy ordered a nice fruit salad cake for me as well. Of course I can't have it so they eat on behalf of me. Besides that Er Yi Po also cooked a lot of nice dishes for dinner to celebrate at the same time.

Now everyone has gone back to Malaysia. Only left me, daddy & mommy. Our house suddenly so quiet. We miss them so much! Please come back to visit us again!!!!! We hope to go back Malaysia and visit them soon.

More photos of me

Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Daddy bought mommy a SLR camera for mother's day present. Mommy has been using this opportunity to practice her skill on me.