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Wednesday, November 14, 2012

Hello world, it’s me Anndelle!!


A lot of daddy mummy’s friends were very surprise with my arrival and wonder why daddy mummy kept it so secretive when mummy was pregnant with me. Well, when mummy thought she was already very overwhelm with 2 kids and happy with just 2, God decided to bless them with the 3rd one…me!! So it was a big surprise to them to expect me as well, so they decided to keep it as a surprise to the friends around tooSmile


My first name Anndelle is from the combination of two names – Annis and Fredelle, which means gentle and holy. My middle name is Ern-lin 恩琳. When daddy was praying for my name, John 1:16 keep popping out of his head -  “Out of his fullness we have all received grace in place of grace already given”. With the help of lovely auntie Bee they decided to name me Ern-lin means abundant grace.


Both my “jie jie” were overdue babies. Finally I am on time or rather few days earlier and born on 7 November 30 min before midnight!!! Daddy wonder whether I can have free slurpee from SEVEN ELEVEN for my whole life since I was born on 7 11 Open-mouthed smile


mummy kneeling on the bedside coping with contraction pain (still coping alright with the MVUs 100 contraction). 3rd time around she decided it felt way better to be in other position than lay down on the bed during contraction.


Mummy too exhausted (no pain relief this time round…too tough) after delivered me, taking a nap while waiting to be transferred to the ward.

I get to meet my 2 “jie jie” the next morning.


Jie jie Esrene was so excited to meet me! She couldn’t  stop holding me, giving me kisses and cuddles. She said “Esrene loves baby!!!”.


Rennice jie jie was a bit unsure what is going on and who am I besides calling me “baby”. She just followed what Esrene Jie Jie did.


Daddy had heart to heart talk with me


As you see, I am so loved by my family!!!

I am a very alert baby. I feed very well and grow very well everyday. I put on 40-50g per day. Thus, I also poo very frequently and wasting a lot of nappies everyday!

Daddy mummy pray that I will grow healthily each day and thank God for my life in the family!