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Mummy’s Birthday is Today

Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Today is my precious Mummy’s birthday. However we went out for lunch on the weekend instead of today as Daddy has to work and dinner will be too rush to enjoy the meals. Daddy took us to Fifteen in the city. It is opened by Jamie Oliver. Even though it is Mummy’s celebration, I was treated special by the staff. I’ve got my own high chair and also was given paper and colour pencils to draw stuff. 


See how intense I am doing my colouring


of course, can’t forget Mummy’s pressie. A nice Swatch watch, which daddy has chosen.




Then the food came, wah!!!! all of them looks nice. Daddy’s steak and Mummy’s fish.


and of course I enjoy getting some from them. Daddy mummy’s desserts looks yummy too. Look at me!!!! I have mastered the use of the fork.

IMG_6794 IMG_6807 IMG_6809 

Of course I can’t forget to take a special photo with mummy. Happy Birthday Mummy! May You always be blessed by Jesus. I will continue to pray that you will be healthy and safe always. I love you a lot. Kisses and Hugs.




My first leg injury

Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Last weekend, the weather was very sunny and warm so daddy mummy allowed me to spend some time in front of our house pathway. I was so excited that finally I can step out from the house to enjoy the sunshine after so many months!

See my happy and cheeky look.



I am so excited and happy that I started to walk faster and faster…


then I started to run…IMG_6735

faster and faster…


then oh oh!!! Opsy-daisy! I tripped and fell!!!

As this is the concrete surface, I scratched my knee. Pain pain!!!


I cried and cried but when daddy picked me up, I stopped crying. Only 1 min cry. Daddy mummy said I am as tough as an Aussie kid!

Back in the house, I forgot totally about the injuring and pain, started to run and play again!

I found my empty nappies box and used it as chu-chu train. But I only get to enjoy for a while because daddy mummy said it is way too tired for them to push me around like that. But dada, mami, I enjoy the ride !!