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My 1st Step

Sunday, April 25, 2010

When I was 11 months old, I finally made my first step!!! I can walk now!! Initially I can only walk for 3 steps, then slowly day by day as I practice more I can walk longer distance now.

 So now most of the evening, mummy will walk together with me to the post box to collect mails.
Oh yeah, I also know how to put coins in my piggy bank now. Can I have more coins to put inside the save please??!

Mummy has been training me to keep my toys back to the toy box since 1 months and I have been doing very well to keep my toys being going to bed or for my nap. Mummy also asked me to keep the toys back after the children church and after finishing Life Group. However, sometimes I am still very reluctant to let go of my toys. Mummy can't I play a little while?

My 1st Birthday

Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Yes, I finally turn one!! I am a big girl now :)
I have a series of celebration for my first birthday!!!
A week before my real birthday, we had a small birthday party celebration with all my little friends in mothers group. All of us turn one in the same month!! So the daddies and mommies came together with all of us to have a celebration at Auntie Lenice’s house. Mummy baked some of her cuppies for our celebration. All these faces are all of us who turns one!!! Are they cute??
IMG_0911And this is the cuppies with my face
face cuppies
Do they look alike?
I had a great time playing with my little friends during the party and exchange pressie while daddy mummy enjoyed the yummy food and catching up with aunties uncles during the party.
IMG_2006 IMG_1991We exchange kringle during the party too!! 
I got a nice Pumpkin Patch top for my 1st birthday pressie!!!
IMG_2021 IMG_2023
Of course not forget to take a family photo with mummy’s cuppies before the party end.
On my actual birthday (14th April), when I woke up early in the morning, daddy mummy greeted me Happy birthday! I have no idea what’s that mean. Mummy said this is the day I was born last year. Daddy took a day off to celebrate this special day with me too!!
Mummy prepared a special birthday brekkie for me!!! Besides the normal muesli, mummy made me nice star shape toasts with butter spread
IMG_2101 They look so nice that I can’t resist but to eat them!!!
IMG_2109 The rest of the crumbs were for mummy’s brekkie. Thank you mummy for the pretty yummy brekkie.
IMG_2122 I had a very short morning nap on that day because I know it was my birthday. I want to spend the most of the day stay awake!! So I was awake playing while waiting for daddy mummy to get ready for the day out!
IMG_2126 Hello daddy mummy where are we going later?
IMG_2130 IMG_2134
After a while, mummy dress me up with a pretty dress and we head off to a place which was quite far away (cause I felt so bored sitting in the car and started to whin!!). After 45min drive, we finally arrived!!! Daddy brought us a Werribee Open Zoo!!! When we arrived at the destination I was so sleepy because I did not have a good morning nap.  So daddy mummy had to put me down in my pram to sleep. I slept like a baby while they had their lunch in the zoo cafe.
These are daddy mummy’s yummy foccacia and risotto. Daddy said this is also the day to celebrate their achievement as a parent for one year! So when i grown up I have to give them a treat for raising me up instead during my birthday. Oh no!!!
 IMG_2157IMG_2158   IMG_2156
                                                     Mummy’s favourite hot chocolate
After an hour of sleep, daddy mummy woke me up for safari tour on the safari bus. I saw a lot of very unique animals walking pass our bus. I never seen them before!!!
Wow so many of them…
1 Yr old birthday
Daddy what is the name of this proud animal sitting there?IMG_2253
IMG_2292 Daddy said you are king of the forest. Hello Mr Lion!!!!
IMG_2290I also saw Hippo and ride on “baby hippo”, she is cute!!
IMG_2318 IMG_2320
but her mummy was so BIG! Get me away from her please daddy mummy!!! I am scared!!!!
I had a enjoyable afternoon in the zoo with daddy mummy and get to see a lot of new animals and get to ride car too!!!
   IMG_2301I love my birthday outing. Thank you daddy mummy!!!
IMG_2303 In the evening, after my dinner, mummy brought out a cute little cake with a candle for me!!
Daddy mummy sing “Happy birthday song” to me and helped me blow the candle.
I got to taste my birthday cupcake for the first time too!!! Yummy cupcake made by mummy.
Of course daddy mummy didn’t forget my birthday pressie, but the pressie arrived a day after my birthday.
Such a big box!! Guess what is this?
It is a see saw that can convert into table!! I like it!! Thank you daddy mummy!!
IMG_2357 IMG_2365
It is so bored sitting on the see saw alone, so I decided to bring along two friends to join me.

This is not the end of my birthday celebration.
On Saturday daddy mummy had a small birthday party for me. They invited some close friends of them and my little friends to come over for the party.
                                                 Me with my 1st birthday party hat
I enjoyed playing with my friends and get all the attention from aunties and uncles during the party.
 IMG_2491 24599_398355141224_530326224_4132556_861197_n24599_398355236224_530326224_4132557_1747591_n
birthday friends
Mummy made a birthday cake + cupcakes for my birthday party. She was very busy with her project at work so only managed to make a simple design cake for me. The figurine on top of the cake is me with my sleep pal, Eeyoer.
The rest of the figurines on top of the cupcakes are my favourite toys. Mummy made them all. If you notice, two of my favourite toys are cars (bus and train), I love to move them around. Mummy wonder why I love boys toy!
 IMG_2396Cake cutting time everyone song birthday song for me!! “Happy birthday to you……Happy birthday to ESRENE, happy birthday to you!!!” I was puzzled for a while, no idea why they sing the song for me.
And then I get attracted to the candle light on top of the cake!!!IMG_4906
Mummy, this is my Eeyoer on top of the cake!!! IMG_4910  I want to cut the cake too!!!!
Thank you Jesus for the wonderful weather during my birthday party, thank you aunties uncles for your presence and generous gifts and thank you daddy mummy for having this party for me!!!
IMG_2645 Last but not least, thank you mummy for the lovely birthday cake! Mucks mucks!!! IMG_2675

Easter day out

Tuesday, April 13, 2010

During the Easter long weekend, mummy was busy with her work and cupcakes order, and daddy was busy with his gardening, so we didn’t go anyway except stay home most of the time. However, on Easter Monday, daddy mummy brought me together with Uncle Derrick, Auntie Suz & Amelie to Williamstown for a day out. We met Auntie Kai and Uncle Clarence there as well.

I enjoyed the car ride to Williamstown with the accompany of Amelie, Uncle Derrick and Auntie Suz.

IMG_1847 IMG_1858

It was a beautiful sunny day on that day. I enjoyed the fresh air and the crowd around.


This is me and Amelie walking around the park.


See how much I enjoyed myself while the adults were eating their lunch in the park.

 IMG_1904 IMG_1906

We had a great and relaxing afternoon with everyone. However, I cried and whined all the way back because I skipped my afternoon nap and was too tired.


After the Easter Monday, the weather in Melbourne is so cold and cloudy. We miss the sunny day now!!