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Christmas 2011

Monday, December 19, 2011

Another dated post!! The year end was hectic and crazy for us, having to rush for some cake orders and to prepare for year end trip.

This year is Esrene’s 3rd Christmas but little Rennice’s 1st Christmas.


As Esrene slowly grows up, she gets more exciting with the celebration, seeing Christmas decoration ups everywhere and big Christmas tree set up in our house 1 month ago. In order to make sure she know the real meaning of Christmas, her night time bible story reading for this month is “The birth of Jesus”. Even the teaching in Children church this month is about the birth of Jesus. So now when we ask her, what is Christmas, she will sing “happy you you…Jesus” (Esrene cannot pronounce “birthday” so she will say “you you” instead of “birthday”).

This year, I have the opportunity to bake some Christmas cookies with Esrene but I have to do most of the decoration as she ended up more interested to finish eating the cookies than decorate them!

Esrene in charge to put the star on top of the cookie tree


Esrene helped to pack the cookies in the zip bag. 2 cookies per bag for her friends.

I wrapped them up in the printed candle wrappers and let Esrene gave the cookies she made to her church friends. She was so happy distributing them! Maybe this is a good way of teaching her what is “giving” and to learn the “joy of giving” Smile
Proudly show her cookies. These are the remaining cookies for her snack!

We set up the Christmas at home since November. Both the girls are so amazed with the lighting on the tree. Pressies that we received from friends around were all placed under the tree. We told Esrene that she is not allow to open the present until we have our Christmas celebration at home.  She was quite good, didn’t disturb the presents until the day we  told her its time to open her pressies.

see how blessed they were overflow with the presents from everywhere from friends around including Esrene’s carer.

I did some cupcakes for Esrene to bring to her family care for her friends as well. She was so happy “distributing gifts” to friends around.


And she got the most valuable gift from her carer – the calendar made of her photo with her best friends!


These are our little Christmas celebration in Melbourne before heading to Malaysia. Will update more of our trips if we have time.

Esrene’s Life in Family Care

Friday, December 16, 2011

Esrene loves going to family care. She can’t wait for Friday to come so that she can go to “auntie Vicki’s place”. Maybe she is too bored at home just facing mummy, mei mei and tv. As the year close to the end, Esrene’s carer Vicki passed us some CDs of Esrene’s photos she had taken over the year. We can see how much this little girl has grown throughout the year in these photos and we can also see how much she enjoyed her self there meeting good friends. While busy with handling 2 kids, Esrene seems just to "pass by us" without us realising how much she has grown...oh...if only we can stop the time!!!

The Raspberry Blowing Girl!

Sunday, December 4, 2011

I love to blow raspberry, anytime, anywhere.
As a result, “Jie jie” also learned from me and starts to blow raspberry together. This annoys daddy mummy sometimes. But daddy mummy, we are just forming a raspberry blowing choir!!

Daddy mummy realised that I have a very cute reaction whenever I blow raspberry.

Did you notice what I did when I blow raspberry?

1st baking session

Monday, November 28, 2011

One fine day, mummy decided to have a baking session together with Esrene. Mummy prepared all the ingredients needed first, then Esrene put the ingredients in the mixer

IMG_4371first of all, put all the butter, sugar and vanilla essence in mixer to beat


Then add in the egg until combined

Next combined the cake flour and stir with the wooden spoon


Mummy, this is so hard to stir, help!

After that mummy kneed the dough, roll it on the bench top, then it is time to cut the dough out! This is my favourite part!!


I love star and flower, so I choose star and flower cookie


This is so fun!! See how well I cut the dough with mummy’s guidance?


After that mummy put the dough into the oven to bake for 15min then it’s time to EAT!!!!!!


See how many cookies I’ve made? Mummy and daddy said they are so yummy!! I am so happy that I can do baking together with mummy and get to eat my own baking too!!


Mummy can you bake more with me please??!!


On the sunny Saturday

Wednesday, November 23, 2011

On the sunny Saturday two weeks ago, daddy mummy brought me to the Dentist for check up. Actually it is the family dentist check up, daddy mummy also did theirs. This was the first time I visiting dentist!! Mummy told me that it’s like Caillou’ dentist visit (Caillou is my favourite kids show).

Mummy did her check up first before me. So I had the opportunity to see what’s all about. After 40min of waiting while playing toys and colouring outside the waiting room, finally it was my turn!!


waited patiently on the chair


Dentist Anna is a very friendly and nice dentist. She carried me into a unique black chair and let me wear a very cool sunnies.


After that she let me take a ride on this special chair. The chair can go up and down, and the back and forward too!  After that Dentist Anna asked me to open my mouth very very wide to let her have a look at my teeth. She counted for me that I have 9 teeth now!


After that she spread a tiny air on my teeth with a special tool and even let me feel the tiny air on my palm. It was so fun and make me giggle! This concluded my check up and I was given a tooth brush and a nice sticker before head home.


Dentist Anna told mummy that I need to come back for the clean up coz my teeth has a lot of tarture. Since this is my 1st visit to the dentist she wanted me to have a nice and pleasant experience instead of doing the clean up straight away for me.

After my afternoon nap, I had another treat from daddy mummy. They brought me for a swim with ‘mei mei’!!


This is the 1st time ‘mei mei’ went swimming. She seems to enjoy herself at the pool with us.


As for me, I definitely enjoy myself. I swim here and there with mummy’s help and played with the water until I refused to go back. We spent close to 1 hour at the pool. By the time I get myself dry up and dress up, ‘mei mei’ was so exhausted that she felt asleep on mummy’s arm!


Overall I had a great and fruitful Saturday!!!

Outdated Post: Mummy’s birthday

Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Life is busy for daddy mummy having to take care 2 of us and to work. So you always find outdated post nowsaday, sorry!

We celebrated mummy’s birthday one month ago, 2 weeks after daddy’s birthday. Daddy took a day off as it was Thursday. In the morning daddy brought me out to get birthday cake and flower for mummy, while we let mummy have a sleep in that morning after feeding ‘mei mei’.

After mummy woke up I gave mummy her birthday flowers! NICE!!!!!!!!


Then daddy brought all of us out to have a nice lunch at a Japanese restaurant in the city. ‘Mei mei’ was having her nap in the pram when we were waiting for the food.


have a nice photo with mummy


having fun with daddy while waiting for our food

The food in that restaurant was yummy. Look at how expert I eat my Edamame (Japanese sweet bean).


I even get a treat from daddy mummy - yummy green tea ice cream with cornflake for dessert!!


Looks more like my birthday treat then mummy’s one!

At night we went out for dinner with Auntie Sue for the final celebration.

After the dinner we have a little cake cutting celebration.


Mummy’s favourite fresh cream fruit salad cake


A family photo together. I requested daddy to bring party hats before we headed to the restaurant because it is a birthday party!!!


Candle blowing time


and the cut cutting time before we proceed to eat the yummy cake.

Mummy was so happy and thankful for the wonderful celebration and a sleep in day on her birthday!

On the Saturday we had a picnic at the park with Auntie Suz, Uncle Derrick, Auntie Kai, Uncle Clarence, Amie and Elias for another round of celebration. We had a nice bbq picnic there.


have my lunch with Amie on the picnic mat

Auntie Suz even baked some yummy raspberry cupcakes for mummy! We all kids got the chance to sing birthday song and blow the candles with mummy!


I had a lot of fun running around the nice big playground with Amie and Elias.

And ‘mei mei’ happily sitting in the pram looking at us having fun!


the RED cheeks

Thursday, November 3, 2011


Ah, this RED cheeks look familiar…mummy daddy can recognise that easily….

No no no…daddy mummy didn’t slap my face!

…something is POPPING OUT!!!

TA DA!!!
Can you see my 1st little teeth?
Soon I am going to catch up with ‘jie jie’ with my eating skill!


6 months and growing

Thursday, October 27, 2011

I am 6 months going to 7!! I am a cheerful baby as usual. Smiling is my trade mark now! IMG_3348
I love to stand up even though I still cannot crawl or sit by myself. I love standing since I was 2 months old! I have very strong legs. I will be very happy when daddy or mummy let me stand up on my feet!
I just started to flip over myself. Mummy managed to captured my 1st turn!

I am a pretty lay back baby you see. Despite of mummy trying to attract me with some toys, I still lay down on my back comfortably, look at mummy and smile instead of trying to reach out to the toys. Even I can flip over now, I will not flip over straight when daddy mummy put me down on the floor. When I flip over, on my tummy, I will stay on the same position for quite some times instead of flipping around like ‘jie jie’ used to do. Daddy said that’s his gene – lay back!

Daddy mummy think that I am a very quiet baby. I can stay there quietly observing everyone without making much noise. However when I start crying, nobody can stand my loud voice! I will not only cry, but scream my lung out so that everyone can hear me. Often this will wake “jie jie” (sister) up in the morning when I woke up at 5-6am crying.


I have a very different characters and temperament from ‘jie jie’. I want to have accompany all the time. When I see daddy or mummy or jie jie not around me I will start whining and even crying! I love them to cuddle or carry me most of the time. Mummy says I need to learn to play by myself instead.
I still want mummy to give me dream feed at 9ish every night, if not I will wake up very early the next day crying out of hungry! Even with the dream feed, most of the time I still wake up at 6ish instead of waking up after 7am (12 hours sleep). On and off I even wake up crying at 4-5am and refused to sleep back!! That makes daddy mummy very tired. Sorry daddy mummy, I am just a hungry little girl who always wants cuddle!

Despite all these, I am still their sweet little princess that never fail to capture their heart with my sweet smile!

My best friend oh my best friend!!!

Saturday, October 22, 2011

This is yet another out-dated post.

I have 2 best friends whom I love to mention to daddy mummy especially after family care. Yes, they are my friends from family care. Their name is Harrison and Mayah! Mummy think they are just my self declared best friends instead.

Last month after picked me up from family care, mummy saw an invitation card inside my food container’s bag. It was addressed to “Dezerene”. Mummy opened the envelope and realised that it’s the birthday party invitation from Mayah! My best friend invited me to her birthday party!!! See mummy, Mayah is not my self-declared best friend, we are really best friend!! Mummy quickly RSVP Mayah’s mum and brought me to get a pressie for Mayah.

On that Saturday after lunch, we headed to one of the McDonald nearby for Mayah’s birthday party! I was so excited when I see Mayah. I gave her the birthday present and joined her and the rest of the kids at the playground. Daddy mummy get to know that it’s Mayah’s 5 year old birthday party!!! My best friend is double my age!!!! They even noticed that I was the youngest in the party and the only Asian kid there!!!! How special I am!!!

We have a lot of fun during the party. We played like crazy at the playground. Mayah is a very nice friend. She always there besides me or behind me, takes care of me when we were at the playground playing.We also  have some party games (which most of the time I was out what the game master was trying to tell me), yummy food – daddy mummy said these are unhealthy food, , yummy cake, last but not least party pack to bring home!!! 20110924_151550-1-picsay


Due to the privacy, daddy mummy are not allowed to post up the photos of any kid without permission. Thus they have to do some “amendment” to these photos.

Happy birthday Mayah! Thank you so much for inviting me to your birthday party! I haven’t see you for a while at the family care, miss you a lot!