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My Birthday Girls

Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Ah….haven’t been updating this blog for more than 2 months!! Life is full on with 2 kids, work and business!!!

Time flies, our little baby already 1 years old and the big “jie jie” already 3!!!! Two weeks ago, we had a party to celebrate both of their birthday – which is on Esrene’s actual birthday. This 3 years old girl know how to tell me which friends she wanted to invite and even helped me to put all her invitation cards to the envelopes for posting. Daddy also brought Esrene to the post box to post her own invitation card.


I was pretty busy with a few cake orders before hands and a big order on the same day. However, I haven’t been really making a good birthday cake for Esrene since her 1st birthday, so a day before her party, I decided to stay up to make the cake, and the special figurines for both of my beloved girls and did a simple dessert table for them. I am blessed to have mom here to help me with other party food and cleaning up the house for the party.


Esrene was thrilled to see all her friends during the party. She had a bliss on that day, non stop playing with friends the whole morning till afternoon. While Rennice is still very young, she didn’t know much about what really happened. To her it is just another ordinary day with a lot of guests around. But she never fail to give everyone her best smile as she used to do. IMG_4975


Esrene enjoying her birthday meal – never fail to eat Smile


Cutting cake time!!!




Esrene wasn’t too happy being called out from the playground for cake cutting ceremony. Thus you can see her grumpy face. She even refused to blow the candle.



Besides great accompany, the girls were blessed with a lot of birthday presents and blessings. We want to thank all the aunties uncles for your generous giving & donations. It was a very tiring day for me but it’s all worth knowing the girls have a bliss during the party.IMG_5105

Esrene busy playing with one of her pressie. This one is from daddy mummy


Rennice enjoying her musically chair that gave by Uncle Bernard & Aunty Julie

Blessed birthday my darling girls!!! You both are our pride and joy!!! Mummy and daddy are so so blessed to have you two in our life!!!! May you grow up to love Jesus, and live for Him!