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Warming Up

Monday, November 29, 2010

Due to the cold winter in Melbourne, daddy mummy haven’t been bringing me for a swim for very very long time. Daddy said as we will be going for holiday in an island, we will be swimming quite a lot so they brought me to the nearby swimming pool for a swim a week before our holiday.

I didn’t like the water initially and cried

IMG_7331 IMG_7336

However, after 5 minutes or so in the pool I started to get used to it and enjoy my swim!! See my smile

IMG_7361 IMG_7375 IMG_7430 Playing with the float that found in the swimming pool


and I love these unique “weight like” floats. Can’t stop playing with it


I even asked to come out from my float and swim without it


Back to Daddy Mummy’s Uni

Wednesday, November 17, 2010

After uncle & aunty Lee with Shanna went back, uncle Gabby, Aunty Lee Chen and Aunty Lin San came for a visit. They are daddy mummy’s ex uni mate. As this is the 10 years since they graduated, daddy brought all of us back to Geelong (where they studied) for reunion.

Daddy bought me to sit on merry-go-round before lunch but for some reason I was scared and started to cry!!

IMG_7161Only until the last 3 minutes of the ride than I started to enjoy the ride and gave daddy mummy a big smile. DSC_5698 Now getting ready for yummy lunch


Group photo of daddy mummy’s 10 years reunion lunch

 IMG_7184 Photo with lovely “ka chuak” (this is how I called aunty Lee Chen)


After lunch we went back to Daddy mummy’s university for a tour (walk down the memory lane). The field around uni and hostel full with nice wild flowers. So I started to pick up these flowers and enjoy myself. IMG_7236 I love flowers!!! This is a lovely photo of my little hands with flowers taken by Aunty Sue.IMG_7253 

Group photo in front daddy mummy’s hostel. This is the exact post they took 10 years ago in front of their hostel.



Weekday mummy brought aunties and uncle to Dandenong for a ride. We had lunch at Pie in the Sky. Mummy said has to pray to Jesus before have my meal.

DSC00008  Enjoy cuddling with two beautiful aunties.


Enjoy myself with uncle Gabby DSC00039

Uncle Gabby had been helping mummy to carry me when we were out. Thank you Uncle Gabby!!  DSC00051

I enjoy myself so much with the accompany of aunties and uncle. Esrene miss you guys a lot!!!! Hope to see you guys soon!

Happy time with the Lee’s!!

Thursday, November 11, 2010

These 3 weeks past our house full of overseas guests. End of October till early Nov we have uncle Tim, aunty Audrey and jie jie Shanna visited us. After that we have aunty Lee Chen, aunty Lin San & uncle Gabby for another week.

I was overwhelm with their presence and get a lot of their attention. Mummy brought me out nearly everyday with aunties, uncles when they were here too. I was a happy happy girl, able to go “gai gai” everyday.

These are some photos taken while spending time with the Lee’s family.

Holding hands with Jie Jie Shanna for evening walk (thanks to uncle Tim for some of the photos)


Went to  National Rhododendron Garden without daddy :)IMG_4666


Happily picking wild flower with jie jie Shanna IMG_4812


At Collingwood Children's Farm Abbotsford. I was so scared of the animals and cried most of the time. But Jie Jie Shanna enjoyed seeing and touching the animals so much.  IMG_5096

The two daddys with the distracted daughters.

 IMG_7105Mummy brought us to Strawberry farm and Beach at Mornington and Frankston (These are photos taken by uncle Tim, thanks for the nice photos uncle!!)

This is mummy’s strawberry sorbet.


Strawberry jam with scones – mummy’s lunch too! IMG_6182

Mummy enjoying her sorbet IMG_6203

At Frankston beach. I was crying and refused to walk on the beach. However after a few minutes I started to get used to it. IMG_6388

We miss you all so much uncle, auntie and jie jie Shanna!!! Please come back to visit us more often!

Esrene promised will be more behave not to disturb Jie Jie Shanna next time.