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Mummy not feeling well

Sunday, August 31, 2008

Mummy isn't felling too well these few days. Starting from Wednesday mummy started to throw out!! Even when she was in the office, she throwed out too. So mummy have to take a lot of sick leave to rest a home. Somedays, mummy will have diarrhea too! Mummy said she felt really miserable and her tummy was totally empty not no food can stay in the mummy.

Mummy has been throwing out nearly every night now. Today he even throwed out twice! This time mummy throwed out acid and some blood! Daddy mummy was panic, and they called Dr Ken to check out what's wrong. Dr Keng told them because there's erotion at her Esophocas when she throwed out, some tissue was torn, thus bleeding happen. It was tough for mummy. She lost 4 kilos within 4 weeks. Doctor told mummy that she has to take medication to stop her vomit and help her to put one weight so that I can continue to grow properly. After mummy took Maxalon to control her nauseaness, she no longer throw out!

She prayed and prayerd to Jesus to give her strength each day to go through this morning sickness. However, mummy said the most important is I am growing properly.

Mummy's first consultation

Friday, August 8, 2008

This morning, daddy & mummy went to obstriction for the first scan to see me! The obstriction's name is Dr Ken Leong. Daddy said it was so hard to find a obstriction that willing to take us in as all of them that daddy called are fully booked.

Dr Ken took down the medical history of mummy and brief mummy on the foods that mummy should avoid. He even measure the blood pressure of mummy. After that he did an ultrasound scan on mummy's tummy to see whether I am fine in the womb. Finally daddy and mummy saw me! I was just as small as a little bean! Dr Ken told daddy mummy I was just 1.5cm big! However, they can hear my heartbeat very clearly and fast. Daddy & mummy was so thrilled to be able to hear my heartbeat and see me from the scan even though I am still very small for them to see clearly.

Mummy was released that everything went well and I am attached properly n the womb. Dr Ken estimated that I will be due on 4th April 2009! Daddy mummy praised God for the smooth check up and they even pray for me that I will grow properly in the future weeks to come. They pray that the Lord will protect me in mummy's womb everyday.

Mummy's story of discovering me!

Wednesday, August 6, 2008

I started to lose my appetite for no reason and feel sick. When it started, I thought maybe I am going to fall sick soon. But after a few days, my appetite get worse and I started to develop weird sense of smell. Not only that, I started to feel nausea. Well well, I thought, perhaps my hernia is getting worse which causes the acid reflux and stomach discomfort. I told Selwyn, if this "stomach problem" is going to prolong until another week, I will have to see doctor.

But the condition doesn't seems to improve but rather worsen. I started to hate food! Can't stand the smell of cooking, even can't stand the food smell! I thought my stomach must be really bad now. One day before I decided to see doctor, I met up with Vicky for lunch. As I lost my appetite totally, I started to be very picky with food. I told Vicky what happened to me but to my surprise she asked me whether I am pregnant! She said it seems like a morning sickness to her!! She never asked me to get a pregnancy test to test it out. So after the lunch, we went to get pregnancy test.

When I got home, I wasn't really put much hope on having a positive result as I have been testing with pregnancy test for numbers of times since we try out to have baby, but always negative. However, this time, the result turned out to be POSITIVE! I see TWO LINES in the pregnancy test! How can it be? At that time, Selwyn came out. With a thrilled and yet shocking look, I told him that I know what is the reason I am not feeling well, "I am pregnant", I said! Of course he was thrilled too! When we are less expected, there's where we get our blessing from God! Praise God for this miracle!

~ Mummy