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Home sweet home

Wednesday, December 31, 2008

Yes, we are back from New Zealand after 3 weeks travelling there. We all miss our home and bed so much!! Here are some updates of our wonderful trip in New Zealand.

We spent around 7 days in North island and the rest of 13 days in South island. There were a lot a lot of driving during the trip. Mummy and I were just sleeping throughout the journey, and daddy had to do all the driving. Thank you daddy!!

In North Island we had the opportunity to visit Cathedral Cove wear Prince Caspian's movie was shot, the beautiful bay of island - hole in the rock and nice mountain along the way. We even get to see some wild dolphins too! Oh yeah, we also visited the natural thermal village to see the Geyser!

Cathedral Cove Hole in the Rock

Fohutu Geyser

We spent most of our time at South Island because there were a lot a lot of things and nice scenery there. There are a lot of nice glaciers there - Mt Cook, Fox Glacier, Franz Josef Galcier. Daddy mummy even took me to the glacier with helicopter! We also visited historical town - Dunedin, beautiful Queenstown, and garden city Christchurch. Of course we did not miss out the beautiful Milford Sound as well.

We had a great time travelling together. I keep kicking mummy whenever I was excited and during meal time (I am a growing girl). Daddy mummy said I am a very blessed girl, even before I am born I already have to chance to travel by air, by cruise, boat, train, tram and even helicopter!!! They plan to bring me back to New Zealand when I grow up in few years time!

Daddy mummy and me at Kaikora

New Zealand Holiday

Thursday, December 18, 2008

Daddy mummy and I are in New Zealand for 3 weeks holiday now.
So far we enjoy ourselves apart from the long hour travelling and fish & chips (so sick of this food!!!) I am growing, starting to turn and twist in mummy's womb to find the nice position for me to sleep. I also play hide and seek with daddy now. Whenever daddy touched mummy's tummy to feel my movement, I will not kick but when he moved away I will kick. Hehehe.

Will update more of our trip when we get back to Melbourne.

Nappy Hunting

Thursday, December 4, 2008

Daddy mummy have been told by their friends that K-Mart was having cheap huggies sales. If a box of Huggie Nappies (108 for new born in a box) is $30 or less it is considered a good bargain. Kmart is selling it for $29.95 this time. So today daddy had to leave the house early and be a 'kiasu' (literally means afraid to lose) to rush to the nearest K-Mart to stock up my nappy supplies for me. Daddy mummy have problem deciding how many and which size to buy.

Finally they decided to buy 1 box of newborn and 1 box of crawler nappies. However they plan to get grannies and granpa to get some from Malaysia when they come for a visit.

Daddy was so worried that the huggies supply will run out at K-Mart that he drove the car faster than horse racing. When he reached there, he saw people coming out with a lot of supplies. He was worried nothing left as he entered K-Mart, he couldn't find at anywhere. He had to run up and down the whole place and finally found the huggies! :)

Thank you daddy and mummy.

Gifts from Overseas!

Monday, December 1, 2008

I received more gifts today! Auntie Chai Bee and auntie June bought me some nice dress, shoes and even nail clipper and sent it over to Aussie when jia jia Aly was here for her summer camp. I am so blessed, loved by so many people around. I want to thank Jesus for all these nice aunties, uncles, jia jia, ko ko that bring blessing to me. Thank you auntie Chai Bee and auntie June. Daddy mummy said they will take a lot of photos of me wearing these dresses and shoes to show to you all. I surely will look very cute with these on me! Thank you...muak muak!!

Pamper by daddy mummy

Saturday, November 22, 2008

During the weekend, daddy mummy went window shopping to research the price for the things for me eg. baby cot, nappies, bed sheets etc. They had a great but tiring weekend walking from shops to shops. Just nice during the weekend, there was 40% clothing sales in one of the shop. Daddy mummy took the opportunity to buy me some clothes and even a pair of discount shoes! They are very cute and I love them (I gave mummy some kicks to indicate that I was happy with the stuffs they bought for me) ^_^

Yes, most of them are pink colour! Daddy said girl should wear more pink, look cuter. Aren't they look nice and cute? And they were discount after discount clothes!! Daddy mummy said we are so blessed to be able to get nice clothes which such a low price. Daddy can't wait to put these clothes and shoes on me when I am out from mummy's womb! I hope daddy will pamper me more but mummy said has to control daddy. Please mummy!!!!

More Gifts!!!

Wednesday, November 12, 2008

I received more gifts today!!! Uncle Bernard and family gave me some very cute and nice baby clothes and a very cute ducky musical box! I even get me a winter hat, booty and mitten!! Thank you uncle Bernard, auntie Julie, jie jie Rachel and jie jie Carin!

The Secret Reveal!

Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Today daddy mummy went for 19 weeks ultrasound scan to check whether I am growing healthy or not. They were very pleased that doctor Michael told them I am growing very healthy. My heart beat is good, spinal cord growing strongly, brain and every part of my system is developing well as well. I am around 20-22cm now! Daddy mummy thank God for my good health.

During the scan daddy mummy saw me sucking my thumb while resting in the womb. I can sense daddy and mummy smilling and feeling very happy when they saw me. Here is the video Dr Michael captured on me....am I cute?

Dr Michael also captured my foot, mummy loves it coz she thinks it is so cute!

I know I know you are interested to know whether I am a boy or a girl.....mmm.....Dr Michael finally told daddy mummy that I am a GIRL!!!! It is just what they wish for!

Uncle and aunties, if you vote me as a boy, sorry...leave it for my sibling in future ya!

I am so blessed!!!

Monday, November 3, 2008

For the past few days, daddy mummy received a lot of baby stuffs from uncles and aunties. Auntie Shiela gave me whole bag of used baby clothes. Few days ago, Auntie Rachel passed mummy another big bag of baby clothings, shoes, bips and even photo frames for me!!! Auntie Rachel also lend daddy mummy a very nice bassinet and baby travel carry bag. Auntie Vicky (Auntie Rachel's mum) blessed me with a baby car seat which is just 1 month old!!! This saves daddy mummy a lot to get me a car seat which could cost more than $200-300. I am so so blessed with some many things even before I am born! Auntie Angies and Uncle Andrew even want to bless me with a new baby cot! Daddy mummy said this is indeed a great blessing from God through uncles and aunties. Thank you Auntie Shiela, Auntie Rachel, Uncle Michael, Auntie Vicky, Auntie Angie and Uncle Andrew!

Don't you think all these gifts from uncles & aunties are so nice and cute?!!

Gift from Auntie Pei Sung

Monday, October 20, 2008

Today mummy received a message from Auntie Pei Sung telling her that she bought a baby robe for me! Auntie Pei Sung saw this robe at one of the shopping mall in KL and fall in love with it. Think it will be very nice on me. She sent mummy the photo of the robe.

Very cute right?

She and mummy agreed that it will look cute and great on me. They can't wait to put it on me however, as the robe is a bit big so have to wait till I am about 3-4 months only I can wear. Thanks Auntie Pei Sung!

Baby Expo

Saturday, October 18, 2008

Daddy and Mummy went to visit the baby expo to know more about having baby. Daddy and Mummy bought a few stuff for me. Daddy and Mummy already planning to buy things for me. Daddy and Mummy pray that God will continue to provide our family. Daddy and Mummy can't wait to dress me up and to use all the baby stuff that suitable for me. Daddy can see Mummy is very happy searching for the correct stuff for me. I am very sure that Mummy and Daddy make every effort to make sure I am very safe in their care.

14 Weeks Consultation

Tuesday, October 7, 2008

Today daddy & mummy went for checkup at Dr Ken's clinic. Daddy mummy was really thankful and praise God that the report and results for the blood test and scan are all very good. Dr Ken told them that mummy is fit to travel to New Zealand in December. They are so happy! I am happy too as we are going to New Zealand for holiday soon!!!

As mummy's tummy is still not showing, mummy worried that I am not growing. So Dr Ken has a quick ultrasound scan to check on my progress. I am 7.56cm now, already growing 2 cm since 2 weeks ago. Daddy mummy praise God for the good result.

My First Photos

Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Mummy already 12 weeks pregnant! Today, mummy and daddy sent off grandma grandpa to the airport then went to Boxhill Woman Ultrasound center to see me from the scan. Mummy was very nervous at first before the scan as this will be the first time they will see the real shape of me!

Dr Michael introduced himself and started the ultrasound scan on mummy's tummy. Mummy daddy can see my picture appearing at the big screen infront of them! Finally, I am able to say "hello" to daddy mummy from the screen. They were so excited to see me moving too! But most of the time I was sleeping.

The scan went very well. Dr Michael explained to them my formation and told them that everything looks great on me! They can see my little fingers, can see my legs, head, even eyes and nose. My heart is beating very fast with 181 mbps. Finally doctor measure my height, I was just 5.83cm now!

This is my first photos from both side

Daddy mummy can't wait to see me growing quickly. They even ask Dr Michael for my photos and also video in DVD. They watched the photos and dvd again and again as if they are very bored with it. They love to see me so so much. They even sent my photos to aunties uncles in Christ and are praying for me to tell them I am in good health. Daddy mummy will be able to see me again through the ultrasound in 2 weeks time!

Grandparents' Visit

Finally grandpa and grandma came to visit daddy and mummy in Australia. They brought a lot of stuffs over for them - clothes, slow cooker, even sour plum! They have been very kind and helpful, help cooking dinner for daddy mummy. This is a great help for mummy. Finally mummy is able to eat more proper home cooking. Mummy loves grandma's steam fish and porridge!

Everyday, after get home from office, grandma already finished preparing dinner on the table. Daddy mummy really enjoyed the time together with grandpa grandma. They even brought grandpa grandma to tulip festival on the weekend before they flied back to Malaysia.
On Tuesday morning, they sent off grandpa grandma to the airport to fly back to Malaysia. They miss grandpa grandma alot! I miss them too. Can't wait to see them again in 4 months time!

Mummy not feeling well

Sunday, August 31, 2008

Mummy isn't felling too well these few days. Starting from Wednesday mummy started to throw out!! Even when she was in the office, she throwed out too. So mummy have to take a lot of sick leave to rest a home. Somedays, mummy will have diarrhea too! Mummy said she felt really miserable and her tummy was totally empty not no food can stay in the mummy.

Mummy has been throwing out nearly every night now. Today he even throwed out twice! This time mummy throwed out acid and some blood! Daddy mummy was panic, and they called Dr Ken to check out what's wrong. Dr Keng told them because there's erotion at her Esophocas when she throwed out, some tissue was torn, thus bleeding happen. It was tough for mummy. She lost 4 kilos within 4 weeks. Doctor told mummy that she has to take medication to stop her vomit and help her to put one weight so that I can continue to grow properly. After mummy took Maxalon to control her nauseaness, she no longer throw out!

She prayed and prayerd to Jesus to give her strength each day to go through this morning sickness. However, mummy said the most important is I am growing properly.

Mummy's first consultation

Friday, August 8, 2008

This morning, daddy & mummy went to obstriction for the first scan to see me! The obstriction's name is Dr Ken Leong. Daddy said it was so hard to find a obstriction that willing to take us in as all of them that daddy called are fully booked.

Dr Ken took down the medical history of mummy and brief mummy on the foods that mummy should avoid. He even measure the blood pressure of mummy. After that he did an ultrasound scan on mummy's tummy to see whether I am fine in the womb. Finally daddy and mummy saw me! I was just as small as a little bean! Dr Ken told daddy mummy I was just 1.5cm big! However, they can hear my heartbeat very clearly and fast. Daddy & mummy was so thrilled to be able to hear my heartbeat and see me from the scan even though I am still very small for them to see clearly.

Mummy was released that everything went well and I am attached properly n the womb. Dr Ken estimated that I will be due on 4th April 2009! Daddy mummy praised God for the smooth check up and they even pray for me that I will grow properly in the future weeks to come. They pray that the Lord will protect me in mummy's womb everyday.

Mummy's story of discovering me!

Wednesday, August 6, 2008

I started to lose my appetite for no reason and feel sick. When it started, I thought maybe I am going to fall sick soon. But after a few days, my appetite get worse and I started to develop weird sense of smell. Not only that, I started to feel nausea. Well well, I thought, perhaps my hernia is getting worse which causes the acid reflux and stomach discomfort. I told Selwyn, if this "stomach problem" is going to prolong until another week, I will have to see doctor.

But the condition doesn't seems to improve but rather worsen. I started to hate food! Can't stand the smell of cooking, even can't stand the food smell! I thought my stomach must be really bad now. One day before I decided to see doctor, I met up with Vicky for lunch. As I lost my appetite totally, I started to be very picky with food. I told Vicky what happened to me but to my surprise she asked me whether I am pregnant! She said it seems like a morning sickness to her!! She never asked me to get a pregnancy test to test it out. So after the lunch, we went to get pregnancy test.

When I got home, I wasn't really put much hope on having a positive result as I have been testing with pregnancy test for numbers of times since we try out to have baby, but always negative. However, this time, the result turned out to be POSITIVE! I see TWO LINES in the pregnancy test! How can it be? At that time, Selwyn came out. With a thrilled and yet shocking look, I told him that I know what is the reason I am not feeling well, "I am pregnant", I said! Of course he was thrilled too! When we are less expected, there's where we get our blessing from God! Praise God for this miracle!

~ Mummy