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Christmas 2011

Monday, December 19, 2011

Another dated post!! The year end was hectic and crazy for us, having to rush for some cake orders and to prepare for year end trip.

This year is Esrene’s 3rd Christmas but little Rennice’s 1st Christmas.


As Esrene slowly grows up, she gets more exciting with the celebration, seeing Christmas decoration ups everywhere and big Christmas tree set up in our house 1 month ago. In order to make sure she know the real meaning of Christmas, her night time bible story reading for this month is “The birth of Jesus”. Even the teaching in Children church this month is about the birth of Jesus. So now when we ask her, what is Christmas, she will sing “happy you you…Jesus” (Esrene cannot pronounce “birthday” so she will say “you you” instead of “birthday”).

This year, I have the opportunity to bake some Christmas cookies with Esrene but I have to do most of the decoration as she ended up more interested to finish eating the cookies than decorate them!

Esrene in charge to put the star on top of the cookie tree


Esrene helped to pack the cookies in the zip bag. 2 cookies per bag for her friends.

I wrapped them up in the printed candle wrappers and let Esrene gave the cookies she made to her church friends. She was so happy distributing them! Maybe this is a good way of teaching her what is “giving” and to learn the “joy of giving” Smile
Proudly show her cookies. These are the remaining cookies for her snack!

We set up the Christmas at home since November. Both the girls are so amazed with the lighting on the tree. Pressies that we received from friends around were all placed under the tree. We told Esrene that she is not allow to open the present until we have our Christmas celebration at home.  She was quite good, didn’t disturb the presents until the day we  told her its time to open her pressies.

see how blessed they were overflow with the presents from everywhere from friends around including Esrene’s carer.

I did some cupcakes for Esrene to bring to her family care for her friends as well. She was so happy “distributing gifts” to friends around.


And she got the most valuable gift from her carer – the calendar made of her photo with her best friends!


These are our little Christmas celebration in Melbourne before heading to Malaysia. Will update more of our trips if we have time.

Esrene’s Life in Family Care

Friday, December 16, 2011

Esrene loves going to family care. She can’t wait for Friday to come so that she can go to “auntie Vicki’s place”. Maybe she is too bored at home just facing mummy, mei mei and tv. As the year close to the end, Esrene’s carer Vicki passed us some CDs of Esrene’s photos she had taken over the year. We can see how much this little girl has grown throughout the year in these photos and we can also see how much she enjoyed her self there meeting good friends. While busy with handling 2 kids, Esrene seems just to "pass by us" without us realising how much she has grown...oh...if only we can stop the time!!!

The Raspberry Blowing Girl!

Sunday, December 4, 2011

I love to blow raspberry, anytime, anywhere.
As a result, “Jie jie” also learned from me and starts to blow raspberry together. This annoys daddy mummy sometimes. But daddy mummy, we are just forming a raspberry blowing choir!!

Daddy mummy realised that I have a very cute reaction whenever I blow raspberry.

Did you notice what I did when I blow raspberry?