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Facial Exercise

Thursday, April 30, 2009

Recently I love to make some facial exercise while trying to fall asleep. I will make some facial expression that will make daddy mummy laugh all the time.

My life these 2 weeks

Monday, April 27, 2009

I am already 2 weeks old. I spend most of my time sleeping and drinking milk. These 2 weeks, a lot of aunties uncles came to visit me and they brought a lot of gifts for me too. All of them so eager to carry me but most of the time I will be in my dream land when they carry me. Daddy mummy also brought me out to the shopping mall to get me some winter clothings as weather is getting very cold now. They brought me to church on Sunday as well. However, I slept through the worship and service until my feeding time. Mummy also busy bring me for the checkup appointment and breastfeeding class, so every few days mummy will have to drive me to the hospital and midwife clinic. I enjoyed the car ride so much!!!

Currently daddy mommy put me on strict parent-directed feeding. I am train to have my milk every 2 1/2 - 3 hours. Mummy will make sure I have my feeding, waking and nap time every cycle. Sometimes I will be very sleepy after milky time and refuse to stay awake no matter what daddy mummy tried to do. And sometimes I will refuse to sleep. Mummy has to put me down on the bassinet alone to cry for 15-20 min before I fall asleep myself. But I never fail to drink my favourite milk when it is time to feed me.

* Auntie uncles who visited me during these 2 weeks. Sorry for those whom we missed out in the photos

* mummy dressed me up in the bunny suit given by Auntie Regina to church coz the weather that day was freezing cold

* the hair style daddy "design" for me. Do I look cool with it?

* me in my hoodie towel after taking bath

More Pictures of Me

Friday, April 24, 2009

My toy hanging over my bassinet

My satisfied look after being given vitamin supplements. Nice tasty pineapple flavouring. I dirtied my bib

I am doing some leg stretching as reccommended by the midwife. Looks like I am doing yoga

Uncle Bernard and Auntie Julie visited me recently

Mummy's breastfeeding experience

Breastfeeding doesn't come naturally, I have to agree with it. To learn how to let the baby properly latch on to the breast is a skill that needs time to learn, I believe all the mom will agree with me in this. My first experience of breastfeeding is "ouch, it hurts". My milk came in only at the 5th day. During the first 4 days, Esrene has been drinking colostrum. She was doing well for the first 2 days but after that this poor girl was so hungry that she started to get really fussy and wanted to latch on my breast all the time. Midwives told me this is the way bb tried to help bring the milk by stimulating the breast as much as possible. I was told to let her latched on as often as she wants until my milk comes in. However, with the wrong latching and frequency of feeding, my nipples started to crack and at the end it bleed! I was shocked to see Esrene's mouth full with blood during the feeding and to see the bleed in dropping off from the milk pump. My hospital is a fully breastfeeding hospital, thus I was not allowed to feed bb water and not encourage to give formula as complimentary before 6 weeks. I was so stress seeing Esrene cried for hungry while having bad sore and bleeding nipples.

Thank God on the 5th day when I went to hospital for Esrene's blood test, a midwife who attended to me, looked at my condition and suggested me to use breast shield and express milk while letting the nipples to heal. We were even taught how to finger feed Esrene with the express milk to avoid using teats. Suddenly I see the "light" in breastfeeding. I also started to see a happy and satisfy baby after my milk started to flow. However, latching is still a problem for me. I still have to rely on breast shield to avoid sore nipples.

I booked myself into a breastfeeding class offered by the hospital (FOC), and thank God I managed to get in within 3 days time! Normally the waiting list is at least 1-2 months! It was another eye-opener for me after attending the class. I was taught my the lactation consultant on the correct way to let the bb latch on the breast, how to position Esrene and guide her so avoid her from sucking on my nipples. This full day class made a big different to me and Esrene. I stop using nipple shields and can fetch straight from the breast. Here are some of the things I learned during this whole week:

1. To attach the baby into the breast, baby's chin need to point at the breast and our nipple above baby's top lip. In another way, nipples are directly facing bb's nose. Use one finger to press on the breast to tip the nipple up right while waiting for bb to open the mouth. Make sure the baby respond with wide-open mouth and tongue down before pushing her towards our breast.

2. Correct latching of bb on our breast will make us feel good when we breastfeed. Any pinching pain is an indication of poor latching. Detach the child and start again. Don't be afraid to let the child cry.

3. When the bb fall asleep on the breast, press on their cheek or squeeze on our breast to see her respond. This is an indicator to ask the bb whether she needs more milk or have enough. She will respond with sucking if she needs more.

4. To take the child out from the breast, use our little finger to break the sucking at the edge of their mouth. Never pull off directly to avoid hurting the nipples.

5. Apply some hind milk and a finger tip of linolin cream on the nipples after feed will help to heal the soreness very effectively.

6. Express out the milk after feed will avoid engorgement and help to stock up the milk for future, especially for those mom who plan to go back to work after a few months. An empty breast should be the one that is soft and feel good.

7. Breast pump make a big different to express milk. I was given a Medela mini electrical pump which has simple max & min suction function. I was also introduced to Medela Swing, an electrical pump that mimic the suction of bb with stimulation and then expression. After tried on both the pump, I can only say that if you plan to use the pump frequently each day go for Medela Swing. Spend some money and take care of your breast. Also with the Medela Swing I don't have to bend my body while expressing milk. (By the way, I am not trying to sell Medela breast pump).

It Has Been A Week Since I Was Born

Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Hello everyone! It has been very exciting first week since I arrived in this world. I make mummy and daddy smile a lot and also made them have one or two days of sleepless night. Sorry mummy daddy. I got my grandpa (yeh yeh) and grandma (ma ma) here to accompany
me, however I sleep and eat only spending less time with them. I usually can sleep for 2.5hrs to 3hrs before mummy breastfeed me when I am hungry. However last two days I want to have a little extra than usual so mummy and and daddy have to bear my cries for milk.
Mummy, I thank you for being patient with me whenever I did not sleep or feed well on you. You never get angry with me. Daddy also found a new job. This makes me very happy. Daddy, you can do it! I will be waiting for you everyday when you come back from work.

Here are some pictures of me.

*Me and mummy waiting for midwife to take my blood sample.

*I want to turn to my left in my dreams

* So comfortable in my new pink swaddle blankie that my grandma bought for me.

I am a good girl today

Saturday, April 18, 2009

I am a good and happy girl today because finally the moment I was waiting for have arrived - my milk milk! I have a full stomach finally after one feed each time. Daddy and mummy are so release that I finally can sleep through at least for 2-3 hours before the next feed. They hope that I will be a good girl to sleep through the 2-3 hours tonight as well before the feed.

Here are some more photos of mine. Since the first day.

*When I just born and daddy looking over me. Daddy's little precious princess.

*Everyone was waiting for me. I am sorry I took so long to come out and some did not have enough time to see me.

*Me on my rocker and with my first soft toy named Patrick. I like it very much

* I was sleeping on the way home from from my hospital stay. So nice and comfy to sleep. Got nice music and also my daddy driving so nicely and careful. I like. I must force daddy drive me around more often.

More of me!

Friday, April 17, 2009

Hi everyone, mommy and I just came back from hospital today. Here are some photos of me in the hospital. Some of them were taken by Auntie Sue, thank you & muck muck!

I am a very hungry and angry girl now cause I have been waiting for mummy's milk to fill my stomach. No mood to update more. Will ask daddy to post more of my photos later on. Ciao!

I have arrived, sorry for the delay

Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Hi everyone, I have finally arrived in the world into Mummy and Daddy's arms. I arrived on 14th April 2009 at 3.18pm. I weigh 3.07kg. Stay tune for more exciting news and pictures of me.

DIY Crib Mobile

Sunday, April 5, 2009

I am still comfortabily staying in mummy's womb even it is already passed my due date. Mummy is getting quite impatience and bored now waiting for my arrival at home.

Thus, today she decided to made her own crib mobile for me. She always wanted to get me a cot mobile however, the cost around $30-60 at least, which is way too expensive for a toy that only use for first 4 months maximum. Economy is bad, so DIY toys are pretty cost saving. The only materials she needs are fleet sheets, needles, thread, papers and some cardboard. Daddy suggested her to use my Huggies nappies box for the cardboard.

So spend around 4 hours to sew the colourful animal dolls for the mobile and daddy helped to fix the dolls to the cardboard. Auntie Lip Ping passed them a 5 yrs old made in China cot mobile which is not really working. So they decided to use the stand of that mobile and attached the DIY mobile dolls they made to it. It works out pretty well. I think I like it. What do you think?

Mom's last day at work

Friday, April 3, 2009

Today is mummy's last day at work. After that she will have to start her maternity leave as my due date is tomorrow. Last Wednesday and Thursday, mummy's colleagues and boss organised a so-called "maternity lunch" out together with her. Today they all wish her all the best for the delivery and also her motherhood. In the afternoon, they even gave her a surprise - present her with a very big and nice bouquet of flower! She was so touched with their thoughtfulness.
At the end of the day, they sent her off with goodbye and good luck hug and kisses. This is indeed a very memory and happy day for mummy.

Mummy wants to thank all her colleagues and boss for their patience and cares for her during her whole pregnancy. Also to her colleagues in business services for their guidance, gave her opportunity to learn. She will surely miss them.