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谢谢婆婆!! (Thank you po po)

Monday, May 30, 2011

Popo came over to Melbourne 2.5 months ago to help up mummy in the house work and taking care of us. Time flies, it has been 2.5 months and we just sent “popo” off to the airport to fly back to Penang.

We had a very wonderful time together with “po po” these few months. Everyday I will “instruct” po po to play with me. I will “dress” “po po” up with all my toy accessories and play “shopping” with her.


Popo will help mummy keep in eyes on me so that I will not “disturb” mei mei when mummy needs to do some stuff. Popo also loves to give “mei mei” warm loving cuddles, and massage “mei mei” with the “ru yi oil” to ease the gassiness in “mei mei” tummy.



Afternoon and dinner time “po po will cook very yummy meals for all of us to eat. As a result of that we all have been gaining weight.

Mom's cooking

Popo also help daddy mummy clean the house and garden, do laundry everyday. However, I will dirty the floor with my snack and meal every time I have my “mam mam”. Popo is very patience to clean it up again.

These few months I also learned a few mandarin and hokkien words from popo. Now I know how to say “mai” and “ai” (hokkien), “yao” and “bu yao” (mandarin) instead of “no” and “yes”. I also know how to say “bao bao” when I want anyone to carry me". Apart from that when popo speaks to me in mandarin sometimes I know how to answer her with the correct answer.

Thank you po po for flying all the way here to help taking care of us and spend time with us. We miss you so so much! We hope that you can come back very soon to play with us again and accompany us.

快点回来找我们好不好? 我们好想念你!!



My Recent Activities

Saturday, May 28, 2011

Dressing up “mei mei”

     with her head band


     with my sunnies

Dress myself up with “mei mei” head band
Mummy said this is the latest 2011 hair do. Somehow this made mummy and “po po” laugh, I wonder why….

disturb “mei mei” when she is resting on the rocker and bambino


Sing “mei mei” songs and tell “mei mei” some stories that only I understand

and last but not least

feeding my baby

burping my baby (need to put the cloth first)

just like mummy does for “mei mei”!

Mother’s day 2011

Saturday, May 14, 2011

Wow!!!! My 3rd Mother’s Day celebration with my mummy! I am so happy. What makes is even special I get to celebrate this year with “po po”. Not only that with a new addition to my family, “mei mei”, it is so much exciting! My daddy planned a day earlier to avoid the crowd and also pricey restaurant on mother’s day.

Daddy brought us to a nice seafood restaurant at Port Melbourne for lunch. Thank you daddy for taking some time to look out a restaurant that is child friendly and spacious. It’s quite a nice restaurant with the view of the pier. The food are very yummy too!


Reading the menu getting ready to order

I have my own plate of spaghetti Bolognese from the kid’s menu. However mummy and daddy were shocked when the meal arrived. It looks like an adult portion. From the photos you can see how much I enjoyed my meal!!


Mother's day 2011

                            Our yummy meals



Mummy happily posting in front of her meal



                              Photo with all the girls



Taking photo with mummy in front of the restaurant

Happy mother’s day mummy, po po & ma ma!!

Daddy’s Thank You Message :

Thank you to my wife for being the mother to my both children. You are a strong woman and without you around, I wouldn’t have any clue on taking care of my children. You are truly an inspiration.

Thank you to my mother in law for being around when Rennice was born. You have helped a lot. The yummy cooking, tending to Esrene, the clean-ups in the house and garden but most importantly just being around.

What I can do…

Hi this is Rennice here. I am 1 month old now. Few days before I turn 1 month old, mummy took a video of me after daddy bath me…see what I can do now

The midwife told daddy mummy I am a feisty newborn, you reckon??

Recently daddy borrowed a playmat keyboard from toy library for Jie Jie (Esrene). So Jie Jie has been into this activity in front of the keyboard ….

Mummy said Jie Jie looks more like a conductor in training but I think Jie Jie's sense of rhythm is pretty good.  Bravo Jie Jie! 

Blessed Full Moon Rennice!

Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Time flies! Rennice already one month old!!

She is growing very well within this one month. She has gained 1kg and grown 6cm taller since then. We really thank God for His protection upon Rennice, keep Rennice healthy. Thank God for the good milk supply for Ida and thank God for mother who’s here to cook delicious meal for us everyday, help us with housework and keep in eyes on Esrene so that Ida can have more rest in between, which helps a lot with milk supply as well.


We didn’t really have a party to celebrate the full moon. To be fair, we did the same small celebration for Rennice like we did for Esrene. Last Saturday we asked mother to do some ang ku kueh, chicken curry and nasi kunyit, which is the full moon delicacy of Malaysia to celebrate Rennice’s full moon. and distribute the food to some close friends around. Thank you “po po” for working so hard at night to do the kueh, and woke up so early in the morning (4am) to start doing the nasi kunyit and curry chicken.


Mother working hard at night to get the Kueh ready for tomorrow


Yummy ang ku kueh, curry chicken and nasi kunyit by the “si fu” from Penang!!

IMG_0811The full mon delicacy all pack ready to be collected by friends

On the actual day, we ordered our favourite fruit salad cake and had our own “cake cutting” celebration at home. IMG_0944

Esrene was the happiest on the actual day celebrate as she get to eat her favourite cake! We took some family photos before cutting the cake.


                                      Photo with Jie Jie


                                         Photo with po po


                     Photo with daddy mummy & jie jie


                                     Family photo with everyone

After every shot Esrene will ask to eat the cake, this shows how excited she is! She was also the one who helped her sister to cut the cake!


            Jie Jie cutting the cake on behalf of Rennice


              Esrene enjoying the full moon cake

We pray that Rennice will continue to grow healthy and grow up to be a God fearing lady who will shine for God.