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My baby cot

Saturday, March 28, 2009

Finally, Auntie Lip Ping called daddy to collect the baby cot from her few days ago.
Today daddy & mummy went to her place to collect the baby cot and fix it in my room. After that they put in mattress protector and bed sheet for my bed. Daddy mummy also fix the cot bumper around the cot for me. According to SIDS awareness group, cot bumper should not be in the cot. However, after doing some research online, mummy found out this Airwrap bumper which is safe for the baby as it is breathable. It will not only protect me from knocking on the cot, but also prevent my arms and legs from getting between cot rails. The cot is very big, I can sleep in it at least until 2 year old!

Mummy told me everything is ready for me now, and the cot also fix already, so it is time for me to come out and see the world. She is getting tired carrying me in the womb and most of her body parts already swallon...mmm.......

My name is....

Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Yes, finally daddy mummy decided on my name!!!! It took them close to half a year to decide on my English name!! They decided to call me Esrene Ern-Chi Siu.

Mummy came out the Chinese name few months ago. 恩(Ern) means grace, 绮(Chi) means beautiful. Mommy said I am the result of God's beautiful grace. So she named me 恩绮. Why in English is Ern-chi, why not En Qi or other spelling? Mommy said she has to make sure that Australian can pronounce my name correctly, at least close to the sound in Chinese. So she decided to write a few versions of name, put in front of her colleagues, asked them to pronounce each name and choose the one they can pronounce closer to mandarin. Daddy mummy put a dash in the middle of my mandarin name to form one middle name, if not in Australia, people will think I have two middle name.

Esrene is the name they spend the most time trying to come out with. Mummy wants the name that carries the meaning peace and hope. So Daddy have to search online and in baby names books to find some names with these meanings. Daddy came out this name by combining two names together: Espe + Serene. Espe in Latin means hope and Serene means peace. Mummy said I will be born in a time of uncertainty. She hope that I will be a child that will bring hope and peace to our family and in future I will be the one who will bring God's hope and peace to the people around me.

38 weeks checkup

Monday, March 23, 2009

Daddy mummy went for 38 weeks checkup today. My fundal height is 38cm now, midwife said it is within the range. My heartbeat sounds good as well. Midwife said from my heartbeat I sound so relax and peaceful. Mummy's blood pressure is fine as well. However, my head is still not engaging to mummy's pelvis and I am still not facing to the correct position to ease the labour. So midwife taught mommy same sitting position and exercise that can help me to engage and turn my position.

Daddy mummy urge family & friends to pray that I will engage my head soon to the pelvis so that I will not be overdue and I will be in the correct position for delivery. Thank you for your prayer!

Mummy is satisfied

Sunday, March 22, 2009

Mummy has been craving for her Penang apom manis since half a year ago but not only she can't find it here, she can't even find a recipe in the internet. Today, while surfing the net, mummy came across a web site with apom manis recipe!! She was thrilled and decided to try making apom manis for dinner.

The result : very good. The taste is very similar with the one she had in Penang. Now she finally feel satisfy and I was being introduced to her favourite apom manis too!

This is the home made apom manis by mummy - big version as she does not have a small pan to do it.

Getting ready....

Saturday, March 21, 2009

13 more days to go before mummy reach 40 weeks of pregnancy! Daddy mummy trying to make sure that all the stuffs needed for my arrival have been prepared:

1. Bag of nappies, clothes, bunny rugs, mittens for me in the hospital - CHECK
2. Labour bag for mommy - 95%, pending toiletries
3. Baby car seat and sun shade fix in the car - CHECK
4. Bassinet and bathtub at home - CHECK
5. Breastfeeding bras, pads, pump - CHECK
6. My name - 50%, pending English name. They are still deciding!!! I hope they are able to figure out what name to give me before they have to register me with the birth department
7. Pram - shipment delay! They can only get it early April but I don't really need it that soon.

Daddy mummy even change their favourite wool rug in the living room to a synthetic rug because the wool rug shed. Mummy said it is not good for my health.

So when will God bring me out from mummy's womb to this world?

Three rockers just for me!!

Friday, March 20, 2009

Daddy mummy think I am such a blessed baby. Even before I am born, I already got three rockers waiting for me!!! Mummy got the first rocker from her HR manager few months ago. Even thought it is a 8 year old rocker but it still serve it's purpose. Last week, daddy mummy went to collect some baby stuffs from Auntie Doreen, she passed them a musical rocker as well!! This rocker is more advance with music and rotating soft toys for me to see when I lay down on the rocker. Then daddy mummy went to uncle Mike & auntie Rach's house for LG, they passed them another musical rocker!!! This one is even more advance, can vibrant, have music and when I kick my leg the light and toys hunging will bling and move!!!! Mummy thought I don't really need that many rockers, but Auntie Rach told mummy to keep all the rockers, put them at the different area of the house. She said I will get bored very easily with the same rocker, at least now mummy can laying on the different one to keep my occupy. I am so blessed, don't you think?

Thank you all the aunties for the rockers!! Muck muck!

37 weeks and counting down...

Monday, March 16, 2009

Mummy is 37 weeks pregnant now, means I am 36 weeks old in mummy's tummy. Mummy went for doctor checking in the hospital today. Doc said I am growing within my range, Fundal height is 35cm , heartbeat sounds health and mummy's blood pressure is fine as well. Doctor told mummy that I am facing downward, my back now turning towards mummy's left, but I am still quite high up, not very low at mummy's pelvis, and my butt top always pressing on mummy's stomach, make her feels very uncomfortable and she even lost appetite to eat. Mummy starts to have swollen hands and some of her fingers cannot move well. She is getting harder to sleep as well because I am getting bigger and she feels the pain in her tummy when she can't find a good position on the bed. Other than that, we are doing fine!
Yesterday daddy mummy placed a mattress protector on the bed so that if mummy's water break, it won't wet the whole mattress. They are preparing for me to come out and see the world anytime from now on! Do you think I will look like daddy or mummy?

Baby Shower

Sunday, March 1, 2009

Auntie Angie helped mummy to organise a baby shower today! All mummy's girl friends around have been invited to attend this party. Well, basically this is a party where mummy and her girl friends get together for fun time before I am born and also a party to shower me with lots and lots of gifts!!!

Mummy and I enjoyed the party very much. Mummy enjoyed a good brunch in the restaurant and good fellowship with her girl friends. They even played games during the party! Mummy is very thankful to all the aunties that spare their precious time to come and celebrate with her, and also their blessing with the gifts for me. Thank you aunties, I love all your gifts and thank you for making mummy so happy!

mummy with her girl friends during the bb shower

These are my gifts from the aunties!!!