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My Eeyores’ collection

Friday, March 18, 2011

As you all know, I love my Eeyore. Eeyore is my best friend, I can’t live without Eeyore especially when I sleep. Since mummy realised that I am so clingy to my Eeyore she has been looking around for the same Eeyore I have. She even emailed the manufacturer that produced my original Eeyore in Singapore, but too  bad this was the seasonal Eeyore 2009, already out of production.

Last year alone I have received 6 Eeyores all together from Pak Pak, Auntie Audrey, Auntie Chiang Mei, Auntie Joni and uncle Gabby. However, none of them can replace my original Eeyore!!! I will give all these Eeyores a cuddle and left them alone after that.

Mummy put all the Eeyores on my bed hoping one day one of these Eeyores will find favour in me.

Group photos with my Eeyores




You know who is my favourite from here



You are still my “Yore Yore”!!!


My new game

Sunday, March 6, 2011

Recently I created a new game by myself with the wooden shape blocks of mine.

I will stack up the blocks one after another until it becomes a tall towel. A lot of time I managed to stack up all the blocks without collapsing any while trying to count (in my own language).

Daddy mummy was very amazed with my skill. They thought I have very stable hands to be able to do that. Daddy said I don’t have a shaking hands like him (he ate too much chicken feet). I even taught daddy how to play the game!!

What you think of my new game?

Me and my puzzles

Wednesday, March 2, 2011

I love puzzles. I have my first set of puzzles from auntie Suzanne for my 1st birthday pressie. I was too young to play that time so mummy kept them away until I was about 15 months then daddy mummy started to teach me how to play these puzzles. It took me a while to learn but now I become an expert with these puzzles. If I really concentrate I can fix one puzzle within 1 min. Daddy mummy bought me some more puzzles after that and at times they will borrow some puzzles from toy library for me to play. Actually I received a few more puzzle sets from aunties and uncles for Christmas but that was for 5 years old and above which is a bit too hard for me to play.

 Me playing with my 3 basic puzzles

Me playing with slightly harder puzzle. I don't know how to count so I reckon them by matching colours. As you notice both "hands" puzzle have the same colours. So I will always confuse which one to put in, need daddy mummy's guidance.

Recently mummy bought me a 9 pieces puzzle which is under 50% discount. It is meant for 3 years old and above, however, mummy thought she could try to teach me, maybe I will be able to play with it. This puzzle does not have a picture or shape for me to follow, it is very different from my other puzzles.

Mummy taught me to start fixing the corner pieces of the puzzle first then only the rest of the pieces. It is very hard! 
Did I tell you I do not have patience? I will cry or throw tantrum when I could not fix the pieces together. Daddy or mummy has to keep reminding me to be patience, reassure me when I fix this puzzle. Now I can fix the whole puzzle by myself with a little guidance from mummy.

Me playing with the 9 pieces puzzle. See how I throw my tantrum when I can’t get it right!