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Our record breaking trip (part 1)

Thursday, June 7, 2012

In the month of May, we had our record breaking family holiday to US – the longest family holiday and the furthest so far. We have been flying approx. 11,000 miles on the plane and travelling 3,100 miles on the car!


US trip map

So what makes us decided to fly so far for our family holiday? Firstly Ida’s US visa is about to expire in 1 year’s time, use it while we can. Secondly, AUD is stronger than USD now, so we are in the privilege to travel to US at this moment. Thirdly NewZealand air was having very good promotion on the flight to US early this year. The tickets for 4 of us to fly to US was even cheaper than to Msia.

It was a challenging and tiring trip travelling with 2 kids but we did had a great time together. Here’s our trip’s summary.

We took the 17 hours flight (excluding transit in NZ), flew from Melbourne to LA. Sharing 3 seats with 4 heads was quite challenging. At the end the kids conquered most of our seats when they sleep and left us with not much space to sit.

planeplane 2

But the good thing is they were sleeping pretty well during the 13 hours flight. Arriving in LA, we were welcome by our auntie with simple yet delicious home cooking before we heading out for our 1st shopping

with kam po

Good shopping, great bargain with further coupon discount.

The next day, we heading to Disneyland, to have some magical moments and to full fill our promise to Esrene to see her Minnie Mouse!


The room cards with our individual names    Complementary Mickey shape rice crackers

disney room

                                                    bedroom is the hotel suit we stayed

We had a free upgrade to family suite by the hotel which also give us the access to the club house lounge with free 24 hours refreshment, continental breakfast, family movie time etc. Our room was at the 2nd highest floor with the theme park view. So we can watch the “Water of colour” lagoon show and firework from our hotel room at night. This comes in handy when with 2 young ones around.It was not too convenience to drag them out at night to watch all these inside the park.  Praise God for the blessing!


The kids were having great time these 3 days in Disneyland, especially Esrene who gets to see her Minnie Mouse and the princesses and of course get to ride many times on the “horsey” (carousel).

look mummy, princess castle!IMG_5177US trip 20127


Daddy even spoilt her with breakfast dining with the Characters!

US trip 2012

The next day, we were off to the East Coast – Philadelphia and New York. Another 6 hours and another time adjustment – 3 hours further from LA. In fact Philadelphia is just our lay over city before heading to NYC as the flight ticket to Phil is much cheaper than NY. Thus, we didn’t get to see much of Phil. One night rest at Philadelphia, we then headed to NY with Amtrak – the fast speed train that only takes 45min to Penn Station, NY, equip with free wifi and spaces seat, BUT costly!!

US trip 20121

We spent our next one week in this busy but unique city.

Affinia 50 hotel room NY.The diguisting room that smell of curry cooking all day from other hotel room! We moved to another hotel after one night here.

Affinia 50, the worse hotel room we ever stayed!!! All rooms with kitchens, but bad ventilation. We were welcome with strong curry smell after back from our dinner, and early in the morning!!! Move out straight the next day!

US trip 20122

It was a last minute changes, so we didn’t have much choice for the available hotel. But we were blessed to get this hotel – DoubleTree Hilton All Suite Hotel for a reasonable price. It’s spacious with a living room equip with sofa bed & a cot for Esrene & Rennice. The best thing is it is in the heart of Time Square!! It is very convenience for us travelling around with the 2 kids. 

US trip 20123

We visited the famous buildings and landmark in NYC, went for a picnic in Central Park, walk around Time Square, did some shopping and of course enjoying different type of food there. No we didn’t go to Nigeria Falls as it is 8 hours drive from NY else we have to take flight over there. 7 days is good and relaxing for us to travel around NYC itself in a slow pace and get to know more about the city.

US trip 20124

Esrene enjoyed herself running around Centre Park


US trip 20124


                           Rennice enjoyed the cruise

US trip 20125

                  more good foods, window shopping

and Esrene found her “world” just few blocks from our hotel – DISNEY STORE

US trip 20126

they got free Disney movies playing and free colouring for kids apart from all the Disney merchants

We enjoyed our one week in this wonderful big city before heading down to Philadelphia, this time we took the 2 hours bus instead to save cost but it was quite a comfortable bus and the 2 kids had good rest in the bus until we arrived.

We managed to enjoy sometimes walking around our hotel at Philadelphia, had nice good food as well before flying off to LA.

st b3phil

we miss this flatbread, tomato basil meal so so much!