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I am spoilt!!

Wednesday, December 9, 2009

Yea yea & mama are here these two weeks to visit me. They are so happy to see me again after I was born half a year ago! Yea Yea bought me a study toy and mama bought me a lot of nice hair pins. I also got some new pretty clothes from Pak Pak! I got all their attention. They spent lots of time playing and chatting with me. They are so glad that I get along very well with them and never cry.


The first day out shopping with them, they already got me a toy, just because I touched the toy and smile at Yea Yea like this….


See how much I am spoilt by them!

This is my big Elmo bought by Yea Yea while we go shopping. My Elmo is so big, bigger than me, but I love playing with Elmo and wrestle with him!


During the weekend, we met up with Por Por Olive, Gong Gong Ronnie and Auntie Wendy at Harbour Town. They came to Melbourne for their holiday. Por Por Olive bought me some pretty clothes as well!!!

Me with Yea Yea, Mama, Por Por Olive and Gong Gong Ronnie


I tried to act cute in front of them and get all theiIMG_8674r attention too! See how much they love me!!


I spent a lot of fun time playing with Yea Yea Ma Ma this week!


IMG_8705 IMG_8713 IMG_8643

These two weeks are very busy weeks for daddy mummy because of this…


Yes, we are moving to our new house very soon. So daddy mummy busy packing for the move. Right after the move we will be flying to Malaysia!! This will be my first overseas trip!

Aunties, uncles, all my little friends in Malaysia, we hope to meet up with you guys when we are there!!

Thus, I will be on blogging hiatus mode from now.

Daddy mummy will post our new house and Malaysia photos when we get back.

Have a blessed Christmas and happy new year everyone…mucks mucks.