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Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Mummy has been searching hi and low in the ebay, looking around in salvo, furniture shops and even scouting at the throwed out furnitures along the street, yet they still can't spot one good and reasonable tallboy for my room. The tallboy sells in the furniture shops is at least $160 or not. Mummy tried to place a bid in the ebay for a few tallboys but never manage to win one bid (she just wonder are the sellers in the ebay playing tricks to get higher price for their goods?). After 2 weeks of searching, mummy finally saw a very good value buy at Sam's warehouse under their receivership sales . They are selling the 5 chest drawers for only $59, 50% off!!!

The next day, daddy rushed straight to the shop during his lunch time to grap the tallboy (they are being "kiasu", worry that it will run out of stock). After work, daddy spent the whole evening fixing up the tallboy for me. Now they can put the room thermometer, photo grame and sound monitor on top of the tallboy for me. Of course there are more drawers for them to put my stuffs as well. That's another blessing from God for me!!

My baby room

Sunday, February 8, 2009

It is less than 2 months to go for my arrival, thus daddy mummy decided to spare their time no matter what to start setting up my room for me.

They did a little deco. on the wall with the pooh bear stickers for my room. Then daddy moved the double bed out from the room to get ready for my baby cot and changing table.
As they are still waiting for Auntie Margaret to pass them the baby cot and changing table, they set up the bassinet that Auntie Rachel lend to them just in case the baby cot arrive later than my arrival.

Here's the look of my room currently. Pretty plain and empty. But after the cot and changing table come, definately will be very pack. I love my pooh bear wall though!