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Home sweet home

Wednesday, December 31, 2008

Yes, we are back from New Zealand after 3 weeks travelling there. We all miss our home and bed so much!! Here are some updates of our wonderful trip in New Zealand.

We spent around 7 days in North island and the rest of 13 days in South island. There were a lot a lot of driving during the trip. Mummy and I were just sleeping throughout the journey, and daddy had to do all the driving. Thank you daddy!!

In North Island we had the opportunity to visit Cathedral Cove wear Prince Caspian's movie was shot, the beautiful bay of island - hole in the rock and nice mountain along the way. We even get to see some wild dolphins too! Oh yeah, we also visited the natural thermal village to see the Geyser!

Cathedral Cove Hole in the Rock

Fohutu Geyser

We spent most of our time at South Island because there were a lot a lot of things and nice scenery there. There are a lot of nice glaciers there - Mt Cook, Fox Glacier, Franz Josef Galcier. Daddy mummy even took me to the glacier with helicopter! We also visited historical town - Dunedin, beautiful Queenstown, and garden city Christchurch. Of course we did not miss out the beautiful Milford Sound as well.

We had a great time travelling together. I keep kicking mummy whenever I was excited and during meal time (I am a growing girl). Daddy mummy said I am a very blessed girl, even before I am born I already have to chance to travel by air, by cruise, boat, train, tram and even helicopter!!! They plan to bring me back to New Zealand when I grow up in few years time!

Daddy mummy and me at Kaikora

New Zealand Holiday

Thursday, December 18, 2008

Daddy mummy and I are in New Zealand for 3 weeks holiday now.
So far we enjoy ourselves apart from the long hour travelling and fish & chips (so sick of this food!!!) I am growing, starting to turn and twist in mummy's womb to find the nice position for me to sleep. I also play hide and seek with daddy now. Whenever daddy touched mummy's tummy to feel my movement, I will not kick but when he moved away I will kick. Hehehe.

Will update more of our trip when we get back to Melbourne.

Nappy Hunting

Thursday, December 4, 2008

Daddy mummy have been told by their friends that K-Mart was having cheap huggies sales. If a box of Huggie Nappies (108 for new born in a box) is $30 or less it is considered a good bargain. Kmart is selling it for $29.95 this time. So today daddy had to leave the house early and be a 'kiasu' (literally means afraid to lose) to rush to the nearest K-Mart to stock up my nappy supplies for me. Daddy mummy have problem deciding how many and which size to buy.

Finally they decided to buy 1 box of newborn and 1 box of crawler nappies. However they plan to get grannies and granpa to get some from Malaysia when they come for a visit.

Daddy was so worried that the huggies supply will run out at K-Mart that he drove the car faster than horse racing. When he reached there, he saw people coming out with a lot of supplies. He was worried nothing left as he entered K-Mart, he couldn't find at anywhere. He had to run up and down the whole place and finally found the huggies! :)

Thank you daddy and mummy.

Gifts from Overseas!

Monday, December 1, 2008

I received more gifts today! Auntie Chai Bee and auntie June bought me some nice dress, shoes and even nail clipper and sent it over to Aussie when jia jia Aly was here for her summer camp. I am so blessed, loved by so many people around. I want to thank Jesus for all these nice aunties, uncles, jia jia, ko ko that bring blessing to me. Thank you auntie Chai Bee and auntie June. Daddy mummy said they will take a lot of photos of me wearing these dresses and shoes to show to you all. I surely will look very cute with these on me! Thank you...muak muak!!