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Spring Weekend

Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Weather is getting warmer recently, which means more outdoor activities for me. Last Sat daddy had a bbq with his colleagues at one of his colleague’s BIG house. The house has 11 rooms!! Wow!! There’s a big big garden behind where we had our BBQ. There are some ponds with fishes too. Besides daddy’s colleagues, I got to know a new friend the similar age as me, her name is Mika. She is daddy’s colleague’s daughter, just 1 month younger than me. I had a nap during the bbq while daddy mummy enjoy their first ever Wagyu beef.

IMG_7237 Daddy mummy fall in love with the beef that they said can melt in their mouth. This is also one of the most expensive beef, so they only can have one piece per person. Daddy told me and mummy that to have such a tender beef, they massage the cows, feed the cows with beer and all the pampering stuffs too….mmm…I will try Wagyu beef when I grow up, but for now I only can taste Wagyu beef flavour milk.

IMG_7233 IMG_7240

IMG_7244 IMG_7245

First time sitting on the glass.


Mummy and I taking photo at the big garden of the house.

I got to go swimming again this week!!! This time, mummy was the one who accompany me down to the pool. I had a great nap and feed before the swim, so I was very happy and enjoy my swim.

I love playing with the small fountain in the baby pool!!! IMG_7247

This is how I move my body to swim forward…this is how I swim breaststroke.

I just love love love swimming!!!!!


Having great time with mummy in the pool….

IMG_7265 And now taking a family photo before we left.


I hope daddy mummy can bring me for a swim more often….please daddy mummy??!!

Mummy' Birthday Celebration (catch up update)

Friday, October 23, 2009

I finally celebrated my mummy's birthday. I am so happy. Daddy started to plan with me what to get for mummy but I was so not interested at all. I prefer to be the present instead. Hehehe, so that left daddy cracking his head.

Mummy starting to grow her cuppies business. So daddy got her a wonderful pink Kitchen Aid mixture, because daddy realize the old mixture so getting useless. The old one can stop halfway and even send out small electrical current out. Daddy wanted to time properly for this but realized that when come to mummy's birthday, she may not have any cupcakes to bake. So he unwillingly had to get it and gave mummy an early present. Mummy's wish came true. Kitchen Aid was on her list of things to get.

So came the real day and I can't wait to celebrate with mummy. I wait and wait for daddy to come back, then we can celebrate together. In the morning, flowers arrive for mummy from me and Daddy. I am glad that mummy is happy.

Then daddy came back with so much stuff. Present, food and mummy's favourite cake. Yummy. The best daddy knows that I want to give mummy present, so he bought on my behalf. A nice pink color travelling body wash kit.

This is what I got for mummy

Daddy took so long to come back, I was so sleepy

Of course I also got a present. A lot of wrapping paper to play with

Me and mummy and her favourite cake

I am glad mummy likes all these. however she told me the best present is me being born in this hers and daddy's life.

Mummy, God bless and may He continue to shine upon you and be gracious on you. May He continue to keep you safe and healthy so that I can continue to...emmm...emmm bully you always. :)

Yet another eventful weekend

Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Last weekend daddy mummy bought me to baby expo. Last year they went to baby expo too when I was just 4 month old in mummy’s womb!!! There were a lot of colourful stuffs there and lots and lots of balloon! I was so excited and happy during the expo. I smile at everyone that say hi to me too!


Daddy mummy get a lot of free formula samples and nappies and lots of show bags during the expo. Daddy mummy headed to one of the stall to get my hand and feet sculptures. They always wanted my little hand and feet sculptures since they saw it in the baby expo last year. Finally they manage to get it done now.

I was a good girl, I sat on mummy’s lap and let the aunty get the mould of my feet and hand. It only took her 20 second to get each mould.


Daddy even took some video of the process.

The sculpture will be something like this, daddy mummy can’t wait to get it soon from the shop!!

image Daddy mummy also bought me a very comfortable, big and colourful playmat, it is called Bubba Mat coz it is for the bub like me!

I love playing on my bubba mat while looking at the colourful picture on the mat. When I grow a bit bigger, daddy mummy can teach me all the words on the mat. Now daddy mummy do not have to worry tat I will flip off my small play mat and hit my head on the floor board, they also do not need to keep washing the throw and mat when I chuck on it during my play time. Easy for them to clean up the mess on the mat and also can use it as picnic mat or outdoor mat.

                                                  This is me on my bubba mat


                                 This is my play mat…all MINE!!

IMG_7217It was a very nice and sunny weekend, so daddy mummy also took the opportunity to take me for swimming. We went to Nunawading Aqua centre for the swim. Baby like me is free but daddy need to get an adult ticket to go with me. Mummy as our photographer on that day. This is my first time in the swimming pool and I love it!!!

It is really a baby pool that they have, only 0.8m deep. Daddy mummy realised that they do not need to put a float on me.

Auntie Suz passed me this swimming costume from jie jie Amelie. It is a bit big but mummy said I can wear for a while then.

                                          Testing out the water, I love it…warm and nice!


                                                       Now a bit deeper, nice nice!!


                                                 Enjoying playing with daddy in the pool



                                       Playing with the float that we found in the pool


And of course swimming. Daddy mummy said I am such a natural swimmer. I know how to kick my legs and move my hands to move forward.

IMG_7652 IMG_7585

                                                  This is butterfly style!!


                            Ok, I am tired after the swim. Time to change and get home.


Before we leave of course I didn’t forget to take photo with mummy with my robe that auntie Pei Sung got for me before I was born.


Daddy mummy will post up more interesting video next time!

6 months now!

Thursday, October 15, 2009

I am 6 months now! Daddy mummy said time flies, now I am no longer a newborn but a big girl. As I am getting bigger, I am getting more vocal, stronger and of course smarter. I do a lot of thinking, talking, shouting, jumping, flipping and biting as well!

Mummy brought me for 6 month immunisation today, I had 2 injections with only 4 seconds crying. Doctor said I am a tough girl!

These are some of my activities for the past 2 weeks.

I can sit up by myself now, but still not very stable yet. Sometimes I will still fall off to one side.

This is the teether that daddy mummy bought for me. I don’t really like it.


However, once in a while I will still bite on it when I got no toy to play with.


But most of the time I will bite on other toys, such as this zebra!


Oh yah, I can hold my own bottle when mummy feed me on express milk. But most of the time I will play with the bottle after a while and mess up my face with the milk. So mummy seldom allows me to hold it myself.


I love reading bible nowadays because I want to know Jesus more. I got a bible from Auntie Shirley.

I love reading bible with daddy


Sometimes I will read by myself


When I get lazy, I will lay down to read my bible too! Jesus is so amazing and I love reading about Him. You need to read your bible as well ok? So that you can grow as strong as me!

IMG_6772 Sometimes I will act shy in front of daddy mummy. I just trying to be a girl :D


I love listening to daddy talking to me


I love snuggle on the bed with mummy for afternoon napIMG_4359

Now I am thinking hard what should I play with next…mm….


Any idea?


My merchandise

Monday, October 12, 2009

Mummy found out a free offer for customised printing items online. They have plenty of items on offer FREE, only need to pay the postage. So after some discussion with daddy, they decided to order some of these free items, including mummy’s free business card, free business magnet, free business thank you card, t-shirt and the most important one is these two items


Yes, my mugs! One for daddy and one for mummy so that when they drink water they can also look at my photos ^_^ They paid in total $18 for the postage for all these items, not too bad! If you want to order my photos mug, pay daddy mummy for copyright merchant fee..hehehe

My first food

Sunday, October 11, 2009

Over the weekend, mummy introduced me my first food – rice cereal with breast milk. Few weeks ago, mummy got me a feeding set from Target as there’s 50% bargain on it. Mummy said this set is enough for me to use until 2 year old.


Daddy mummy put me on the high chair for the first time before feeding me.

This is the high chair Auntie Lip Ping passed to me. I look so small on the high chair.

IMG_7073When mummy feed me with the spoon, I didn’t know how to respond, didn’t know how to swallow the food as well. Mummy tried a few times and I started to get the taste of rice cereal by opening my mouth when the spoon was near! I think I love rice cereal!


However, I was so full with the milk before, I only managed to take 1 teaspoon of rice cereal. This is how I look like after food.


Daddy mummy also managed to capture a video for my first food experience.

Now mummy will give me some rice cereal after breastfeed me. She told daddy that she will make some mash vegetable and fruits for me when I can get used to rice cereal. I can’t wait for the yummy food!

Daddy mummy said I am a very good girl over the weekend. Not only I keep smiling most of the time, I also allow auntie uncle to carry me without crying. I even played with them!

Me with Uncle Dave during Nat’s birthday party. I enjoyed my time with Uncle Dave and sit on his lap for close to 1 hour while daddy mummy had their lunch.


I also allow uncle Bernard, Jie Jie Carin and Jie Jie Rachel carried me when we went out for lunch with them.

IMG_7135 IMG_7138


I had a very happy and enjoyable weekend!