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Kids’ day celebration

Friday, June 17, 2011

Last week jie jie and I had a great time in the life group. We celebrated Kids day -to celebrate God’s blessing of children (us) to our parents and baby dedication!

There’s games, face painting and cupcakes decorating for us the kids at the start of the party. Of course I can’t enjoy any of these yet but Jie Jie enjoyed herself very much. Look, mummy had jie jie’s face painted with flowers. Is it nice?


It was my baby dedication after the yummy barbie lunch. There were actually 6 babies dedicated to the Lord during the party besides me. Daddy mummy thank God for His blessing to have me in the family. They dedicated me back to the Lord,  praying that I will serve the Lord and love Him in my whole life.


Sitting on mummy’s lap waiting for my turn to be prayed for.

Now our turn!


Pastor Daljit said hi to jie jie.


Pastor Gurmit prayed for me. See how concentrate I listen to her prayer.


During the prayer Ps Gurmit prayed that I will bring the music that God put in my heart to the people around, mummy wonder what’s that mean…mmm…

I was given a certificate to remember this important day. Pastors also gave daddy mummy a nice box of chocolate as a celebration.



Auntie Jo helped to organise the whole celebration. She is so nice to even prepared party pack for each of us! There’s chocolate (which goes to daddy mummy), bubble blower, craft, bouncing ball and a hand made bracelet of our name!!! Thank you auntie Jo for all your effort, we love you!!


That’s me with mummy during the party.


I enjoyed my day so much. Thank you everyone and thank you daddy mummy for dedicating me to the Lord. I will grow to love Jesus more and more each day, to bring His joy to the people around!!!