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Daddy Discovered Online Printing in Malaysia!

Saturday, July 25, 2009

I recently found an online printing service from my friend's blog. It is an interesting concept and I believe is the first in Malaysia. It is called eoe online I've never thought I would see the day where Malaysia would embrace such concept. Whoopie!!!!! Since my little girl arrived, we keep looking for an online service that can cater for us as we are not as mobile as we used to be. So it is very convenient and no hassle. I do not have to drive out, look for shops and worse stuck at traffic and fighting for carpark

Eoe online not only offer online printing of photos but also printing of online albums, a big range of cameras and accessories for those photograph enthusiast. The printing pricing is quite attractive:
4R print @ RM0.30 each, 5R print @ RM0.50 each
No minimum quantity and if any orders are RM35 and above, delivery is free. That is even better. So let's say just by printing 4R size - you would need to have at least 117 photos printed to have a free delivery. So it is worth it if you have a lot of photos to print.

They have easy upload softwares that help makes the upload and ordering easier. Their photo express software able to let us choose to resize to any size we want which is great. What makes it more interesting is the "auto upload resume" option which cleverly knows where to resume if anytime the connection get disconnected. Easy!

They have a promotion now where free prints are given to those who join their Blogger Review Program-Ultimate. You can get those prints free which is a great way to give it out as gifts.

So for the daddys and mummys in Malaysia, get your free prints of your babies lovely photos!

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Record Breaking Event

Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Yesterday mark an important record breaking event for me.....
I did not poo on my nappies, but for the 4 poos I did throughout the day, I poo on the potty!!!
Mummy daddy are so so proud of me. They hope that I can continue this good practice. I will try harder daddy mummy!!!

Video Conferencing

Monday, July 20, 2009

Since one month old daddy mummy already started to teach me how to video conferencing! In this advance technology age, baby also need to learn video conferencing ok. Daddy mummy will put me in front of laptop to video conferencing with yea yea, ma ma and occasionally ah ma since they are in overseas and miss seeing my cute face :) To let me look at the camera, daddy mummy have to put my favourite froggy on top of the laptop camera so that I will not look everywhere.

However, I can't stay long in front of the laptop, I will get overstimulate after 5 min. My skin underneath the eye brows will turn red and I will get restless. But few min is good enough to bring the smile to yea yea, ma ma & ah ma's faces.

3 Months Old

Wednesday, July 15, 2009

I turned 3 months old 2 days ago. So I am no longer a newborn now. To celebrate the goodness of God in my life throughout these 3 months, mummy spent the whole day making mini cupcakes for me (actually it is for her and daddy, but I am able to taste them through the milk anyway). Mummy called these lolli cupcakes. She get this idea online and thought it is a great baby size cupcakes to make for her baby, me! These are the buttercake form in the shape of cupcakes coated with rich dark chocolate and vanilla frosting. I was so attracted by the colourful cupcakes that display infront of me. I think it tastes very yummy too!

Anyone interested to order some from mummy?

Yesterday I had my 3 month old checkup at the maternal child health centre. I have grown a lot. I am 59.2cm now (could be 60-61 cm if the nurse really stretch my legs properly) and 5.11kg. I have put on close to 900g and grown 3cm within 1 month! The nurse told mummy that my height is in the average range of Aussie bb, and said that I can easily grow taller than mummy!! Mummy said they are not tall, wonder who I follow?! mmm.....

These are the few developments of mine as 3 months baby:

Able to lift up my head higher, but I am still very lazy to have my tummy time

Love to hold my hands together. I am trying to practice "gongxi gongxi" for CNY :)

Holding my rattle

More talkative & cheeky according to daddy & mummy

And of course learning to poo on the potty

and like to smile a lot

My Canberra trip

Sunday, July 12, 2009

Daddy, mummy and I flew to Canberra on Thursday to do our passport and also do my birth registration. This is my first trip on the plane since I was born. We took the evening flight to Canberra with Tiger Airway (our flight was delayed for 2 hours!). As it was my sleeping time, daddy mummy put me in my cosy cocoon that Auntie Rachel lent to them while they did the check-in in the airport. I slept very peacefully in the cocoon and attracted a lot of attention from the passengers around me.

We stayed with Auntie Lynette and uncle Alex in Canberra. It was a new environment to me, I was very playful and refused to have my night feed. I kept smiling and played with Auntie Lynette before going to bed. However, I slept really well throughout the night in my Phil & Teds portacot that daddy mummy bought for me. I love my portacot so much. After mummy put me in the cot, I will spent a lot of time talking and playing with myself for at least 30 min before going to sleep. Mummy was pleased that I like the portacot. It is a very light cot for them to bring around as well (just 2.5kg).

The next day, we went out very early to Malaysia embassy to do our passport and my birth registration. Daddy went through a lot of hassle just to get the documents for my birth registration before hand and was worried they can't get my birth registration done. They thank God for the smooth progress to be able to get everything done at the end. Now I got my own passport!! I don't have a Malaysia birth certificate because I was born in Australia. The embassy just gave daddy a form certified that he is a Malaysian citizen when I was born in Melbourne.

Malaysia embassy in Canberra. Daddy said the big satellite dish is for the workers there to catch Astro!

After the embassy, we spent our afternoon at Canberra shopping mall walking around while waiting to fetch Uncle Alex from work for dinner. We also had the opportunity to visit Parliament house. Here are some photos taken there.

Daddy, mummy & me in front of Parliament house

On top of "the roof" at Parliament house

Overall, I enjoyed the trip very much. Daddy mummy are very proud of me because I behave really well throughout the whole trip. Thank you Auntie Lynette & uncle Alex for hosting us. Hope to see you guys soon in Melbourne!

Potty Training (view at your own risk)

Monday, July 6, 2009

After the success with jie jie Caris's potty training, mummy decided to follow the "foot step" of Auntie Julia to potty train me. She sings the "emm emm" song whenever I poo, but every time she sings that song, I will start laughing or smiling, cause I think it is very funny. When daddy is around, he will join in the fun and laugh together with me. However, mummy does not give up, she continue to try each time I poo.

Two days ago, mummy decided to put me on the potty near my poo poo time. With the help of daddy, they started to sing the "emm emm" song and this time, I poo on the potty! Daddy mummy was so proud of me. Mummy said the potty training is not considered successful yet. I am able to poo on the potty cause they put me on the potty just right on my poo poo time. However, mummy said it is a good start. I don't feel comfortable sitting on the potty. I will cry when I touch the cold hard potty. Mummy has to put her hands on the back to let me lean on it so that I feel comfortable. And every time daddy sings "emm emm" song to me, he will have the urge to go to toilet before I poo poo. It is a challenging task for them to train me. But with their effort, for the continuous two morning I have been poo poo-ing on my potty. Daddy said that saved him 2 nappies.

I will work hard with daddy mummy to make my potty training a success. Mummy wants to thank Auntie Julia and Auntie Audrey for their sharing on potty training.
They took the photos to capture this important "event". Make sure you look at the photos after you have your meal ya.

First time daddy mummy put on my potty. They realised they should have stand before to support me instead.

Evidence of my success