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15 months old life

Thursday, July 29, 2010

As a 15 months old toddler what I do everyday?

The most enjoyable time for me is my bath time!! That is also my bonding time with daddy.

I know how to wash myself with the towel (normally just same area)


Playing with my duckies and bath toys! This is my favourite baby ducky


and of course playing with daddy with my squeaky bath toys!


IMG_5844 I also love to walk around and run around in front of the house (the weather now is quite wet, so the garden is too wet to run around).

  IMG_5568 IMG_5582

Playing catching game with daddy too!


See how much I enjoyed myself when I am outside! I am the outdoor girl!


Daddy took out this bouncer for baby Elias to sleep during our Christmas party. This bouncer look so familiar to me but I cannot remember when I saw them before. It looks like a new and unique toy to me so I climb into the bouncer and started to play inside it. Mummy said I am way too big and too heavy for the bouncer. Half of my legs are out of the bouncer. But I love to bounce into it and play with the small tangling toys.


Daddy mummy realised that a lot of Asian eat out place do not provide high chair, so a lot of time they have to walk away from these places because it is tedious for them to feed me without highchair. I will jump off from the normal chair and run away. They saw a 40% sales on this boaster seat recently. It is very light and self inflatable. They thought this would be a very nice boaster seat to bring out and also for me to use at home as I am getting bigger and refused to be constraint in my high chair. This boaster seat will be able to last me for another few years.


I am so excited to sit on my new boaster seat! Now I can sit in the same chair as daddy mummy during meal time.


But mummy, can you take away the bib? I don’t like bib on me!


I love holding my own drinking bottle to drink now. This is my favourite “straw bottle”.

 IMG_5924Ok, so where is my lunch?? I am hungry!!

Christmas in July

Wednesday, July 28, 2010

I know Christmas is in December, but in Australia December is a hot summer. So in Australia there’s Christmas in July celebration, with the winter Christmas theme because July is generally the coldest month of the year.

Last year Christmas was my 1st Christmas. However, I was down with HFMD, so I didn’t really get to celebration my Christmas. So daddy mummy thought it would be nice for them to have a Christmas in July celebration now, invite some little friends of mine to celebrate together with me. This is to replace back what I have missed out last year December.

There’s turkey with cranberry sauce, salad, prawns, pasta & chicken ball (for us the kids) and lots of desserts. Some of these dishes were brought by aunties and uncles.

This is the chicken ball with green apple and herbs stuffing made by mummy for me and my little friend.


I like them! You want some? IMG_5743

This is the ripple log covered with tempered white chocolate – the Christmas theme design made by mummy. This is mummy’s favourite. Mummy said this is the easiest ever “cake” to make (click here for recipe).

IMG_5786 Half of the “cake” (it is actually cookies) finished by mummy

IMG_5872 This is the Christmas tree daddy mummy put up for this celebration, with all the pressies brought by everyone for the exchange.



Time to open pressie!!! Kids first!!

Daddy helped me to open the pressie. What is my Christmas pressie?


William shown me how to play the pressie he got for me


Mummy look! There’s so many shinning little balls on the big tree!!

IMG_5877  IMG_5882  Let me help you to take down the balls from the tree


I enjoyed my Christmas in July very much!!!

MasterChef in making…

Friday, July 16, 2010

I love playing with kitchen toys in Sunday school. Daddy mummy always see me playing with it everytime I am in Sunday school. Mummy saw a great bargain on kitchen toy during the great toys sale last week, it was close to 70% off! Mummy thought it was quite a great bargain and the toy can let me play till 4-5 years old, so she bought the toy for me!! Thank you mummy!!

Now I am very busy with my “cooking” practice. My kitchen can make the sizzler sound when I on my stove. My oven can talk as well. I love it!!! This little kitchen of mine can be packed easily into a plastic box which is the base of the kitchen. I can bring the kitchen with me when I go travel in future too!

Checking to make sure the soup is not over boil.



I have to test to make sure the meat is well cooked…


ah….my chicken is roasted in the oven


don’t you see I am so busy cooking? Now everyday I can cook for daddy and mummy

 IMG_5369  what do you want me to cook for you?

Weekend Getaway

Monday, July 12, 2010

This is the update of my weekend two weeks ago as promised.

Daddy thought mummy and I always stay home during the weekday and most of the weekend, we only spent time doing groceries shopping, so daddy decided to bring us to the country side for some fresh air on that weekend.

After considering my nap time, they decided to go somewhere nearer. Daddy brought us to Yering Station winery at Yarra Glen for lunch, fresh air and nice relaxing scenery. Daddy mummy went there before but this winery has a big space and quite baby friendly. So they decided to go again.

Daddy mummy know their restaurant meal are quite costly, so they decided to go to their cafe for lunch instead. But when we step in to the cafe, we saw…

nice antique fireplace


nice antique chair


and we were served by the professional waitress.

When daddy mummy opened the menu, the pricing of the meals are definitely not the normal cafe price. However, we have been seated and served with drink, so daddy mummy decided to just have our meal there. They thought just treat this meal as the celebration for their 4th years anniversary staying in Australia.


Daddy mummy enjoyed their meals so much. This is indeed the high class cafe food with quality.

The grilled fish


The duck pasta & yummy chocolate moose dessert IMG_5238

and yummy chocolate moose dessert  IMG_5261

After lunch, i was very sleepy so daddy mummy put me in my pram for my nap while they walk around the winery.



They even took the opportunity to take a couple together using my pram as the “stand”. This is their first couple photo since I was born!!!

IMG_5283  I had a good nap for 1 hour and woke up to take some photos with daddy mummy

IMG_5305 IMG_5317

 I am happily running around at the winery field. See my “just waking up” face


not forgetting carrying my Eeyore with me IMG_5324

We had a great day out as family.

The wana be...

Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Let the video tell you why…

I have a lot of potential in these right?
Mummy said I better don't be the shopaholic!!

** Sorry for not updating the blog recently as mummy is quite busy with her work and cupcakes. More update will be done when mummy finishes her work this week.