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Thursday, September 22, 2011

Nowadays I see a lot of giveaway prize in the popular blogs but didn’t really bother to enter any since as far as I recalled I never win any giveaway or lucky draw. A month ago I saw another few giveaway prize at a facebook page by my favourite kids illustrator Rachelle Anne Miller. Her giveaway prizes are so cute just like her arts! I was quite hesitated to put in any entry (even it’s just a comment in her wall) knowing most likely I won’t get it anyway. But at the last day of the opening, I finally put in one short comment for the entry. The next day I saw my name appeared in her new blog entry! I won the giveaway prize!! I was very excited & thrilled! I won 2 handmade stuffed toys that cost USD67!




Within an hour, I received an email from the donor of these cute toys, Wilmarie Viljoen  requesting for my postal address for the gifts to send over. I received these cuties after 1 week all the way from South Africa!


Esrene was very excited to see the parcel delivered to our front door. She was even more excited to “drag” out these two stuff toys from the box. Since there’s two, I told her the big hedgehog is for her and the small little owl is for “mei mei”. These two cuties came with the name tags too! Hedgehog was name “Holly” and the little owl was called “Orli”.


See how excited she was cuddling her new toy!


And “mei mei” too!



Now Holly added to her sleep pals list together with her forever favourite Eeyore and her sea lion that daddy won at seaworld for her (she called it “fish”).

God must have known that I need a little cheer from the hectic and tiring days, gave me this sweet blessing to cheer me up! Oh wait, these gifts all go to my kids instead of me, how how come I’m still so happy?! I guess the best gift to a mom is to see the happy faces of her kids?




Family Trip 2011

Sunday, September 4, 2011


Yea Yea, Ma Ma & Pak Pak came over to visit us during their Raya holiday. The 2nd day after they arrived Melbourne, we flew over to Gold Coast for family trip. I was very excited as I get to sit on the plane!


Mei mei’s first time on the plane. She slept through most of the journey


I have my own seat now but I felt so bored and restless. Make a lot of fuss!

However, it wasn’t a good start of the holiday when our plane was delayed for 2 hours, after that was diverted to Brisbane due to the weather in Gold Coast! We took the train from the airport down to Gold Coast and only arrived at our Gold Coast apartment by 5ish!!! (we supposed to arrive at Gold Coast before noon!) It was a very tiring day for all of us. We had delivery food for dinner than call off our day. Daddy mummy, mei mei and I had to share a room together. As it was a new bed and room for me, I struggled to sleep and only fell asleep by 10pm! The next morning I woke up at 6.30am right after ‘mei mei’!!!!! However, God blessed us with sunny day for the next 2 days!

IMG_2742 (2)

                                  Surfers Paradise from the view behind our apartment

IMG_2730 (2)

                    Broadbech behind our apartment

Our apartment is about 15min to Surfers Paradise. We spent our next day at Surfers Paradise, walking around & enjoying the beautiful beach.

 IMG_2619 (2)

After lunch, I had my nap in the pram while daddy mummy they all walked down to Broadbeach Mall (which is 10min from our apartment) to get some groceries. I also get to play at the playground in the mall for a while and sit on the carousel!!


We had our dinner at one of the restaurant there before heading home. I get to eat my favourite pasta while Yea Yea, Ma Ma, Pak Pak, Daddy & mummy enjoyed their monster seafood platter!


IMG_2704 (2)

Family photo together while ‘mei mei’ resting in the pram

Mei Mei’ wasn’t feeling good, so right after dinner, daddy mummy had to bring her to see doctor while I follow Pak Pak, Yea Yea & Ma Ma back to the apartment. They  had to wait very long in the clinic but I was a very good girl, even let Pak Pak feed me milk and put me down to the cot to sleep. ‘Mei Mei’ was down with conjunctivitis virus!! She had swollen and teary eyes, and very bad cough. She was recovering very well after using the pharmaceutical drops from the doctor.

The next day, we went to Sea World. I got to see a lot of nice animal shows there, but the best show is my Sesames Street show. I get to see my ELMO!!!!! I also get to take some rides with daddy before I had my nap in the pram.

IMG_2658 (2)

gold coast 2011

                        Shopping for my Elmo merchandise

When we went back to the apartment about 4ish, daddy, Yea Yea and Pak Pak brought me to the beach just right behind the apartment for a stroll, while mummy feeding ‘mei mei’ in the apartment. I still scared of the wave. When the wave came I will run away as quickly as possible.

IMG_2757 (2)

The Surfer’s girl


IMG_2736 (2)

Photo with my favourite Pak Pak. Pak Pak, I miss you!!

After the stroll, we met Ma Ma, mummy and ‘mei mei’

at the apartment pool for a nice swim.


The next morning we had to leave the apartment early to fly back to Melbourne. This concluded our 3 nights short holiday Gold Coast. I enjoyed my holiday very much being spoilt by Yea Yea, Ma Ma & Pak Pak!!!! Daddy & mummy was quite tired during the holiday having to wake up constantly at night to attend to ‘mei mei’ and we woke up very early every morning during the trip too! However, they still enjoy the time spent together with the family during the trip. Daddy mummy, can we have more of the family trip please??


My Room

Saturday, September 3, 2011

I just moved into my room 1.5 months ago. Daddy mummy only managed to set up my room by then as po po was staying in there when she was here. They supposed to move me into my room much earlier but they have been very laid back! They only get the work done recently when they realised that I already outgrown my bassinet in their room.


Majority of the furniture in my nursery passed down by ‘jie jie’ except for the chest of drawers.

I wasn’t used to the new room and bed for the first few days when mummy put me in my baby cot for the nap. I cried and cried non stop refused to sleep!! Daddy mummy said they should have moved me into my room when I was just 2 months old like “jie jie”. That time I was younger, easier to adjust to the new environment. However, I get used to my new room within 2 days.


Remember this mobile? Mummy DIY for ‘jie jie’ and now passed to me. Too bad one of the hanging toy already torn by ‘jie jie’. However, it’s still good enough to entertain me!

My room is just opposite “jie jie” room and next to the main door entrance of our house. To filter the noise outside the room, daddy mummy had to play some classical music in my room when I sleep and have my nap. The music helped me to sleep through especially when ‘jie jie’ cried middle of the night coz of nightmare.

Winter weather wasn’t treating me well. I was down with infection from the cold when I was 10 weeks old. And one month ago, I was down with chicken pox!!! Daddy mummy very thankful that it was just a mild one. I didn’t have any fever and the blisters are just around my body, not even the face, hands or legs. It took 2 weeks for the blisters to disappear.


Right after recovering from the chicken pox, I was down with bronchitis! The phlegm irritates me a lot that I have been coughing so much until I often throw out the milk I just drink. Thus, I have been losing a lot of weight just within 1-2 weeks. Daddy mummy pray that I will be over with all these sickness as the spring arrives.


No matter what, I always brighten the day up with my smile. Daddy and mummy said that the smile always melt their heart. Yes, they are now under my spell Smile