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My 1st snow experience

Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Daddy took a day off and took us to the snow trip during the weekend to Mt Baw Baw. We stayed in the forest studio cottage for 2 nights during the trip. We all love the cottage, it was cosy and nice, and very good price too.

IMG_6010                       The bed room. Daddy has to start the fire every morning to warm the house


                                                          The living room


                                                                     The kitchen


                                                         The bathroom with spa

           I am making myself cosy at the sofa with the woolly blanket


The next day morning we headed to Mt Baw Baw for the snow!! It was sunny and nice on that day. Mummy put the snow suit and boots on me, and the glove as well. Daddy said I look like an astronaut!!IMG_6060

Most of the time daddy has to put me in the toboggan and pull me around as I refused to walk on the snow (it was too slippery daddy mummy). 

IMG_6047 I enjoyed sitting on the toboggan!!! IMG_6253

Daddy mummy let me sit on the snow to have a play with it. It was very cold!!


Daddy put some snow on my boots and shown me how to throw the snow balls!


Did you realise that I become a “koala” cling on the tree? I didn’t know how to hold on the tree with my glove on you see!   IMG_6123  However I still enjoyed standing there watching other kids skiing and running pass me IMG_6118

And now it is the tobogganing time!

I love playing with toboggan and keep wanting daddy to bring me for another round. IMG_6193

so poor daddy has to carry me with the toboggan, climb up the slope for another ride


and here we go again! YEAH!!!


  After a few round, daddy was exhausted!! Times up daddy said and pull me to another spot. IMG_6238 No more toboggan daddy?? IMG_6244

Now time for family photo


These are some view of Mt Baw Baw, nice?

IMG_6097 IMG_6262 IMG_6263

Daddy: This is SNOW Esrene. SNOW!

Esrene: “SNEEZE”

Daddy: SNOW

Esrene: “SNEEZE”


This is me, “little astronaut wondering around infront of the cafe while daddy mummy waiting for their meal”


Mummy said when we win lottery, maybe we can rent one of these snow cottage for our winter holiday :)


Overall, I enjoyed our winter trip so much!!!   Can we go to the snow again next year daddy mummy?

I want to be a grown up girl

Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Recently daddy mummy realised that I keep making noise during my meal time. I either want to hold their utensil or mine. I want to be like them, eat by myself! So now mummy will try to let me eat my own meal if those food are not too messy for me to handle.

See how happy I am when I can eat by myself? I want to be a grown up girl!!