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Potty Training Tears and Joys (Mommy’s Journal)

Wednesday, December 29, 2010

We potty trained Esrene for poo since she was few months old. Everything went very well until when she turned one year old when she started to have constipation. Her constipation was pretty bad that she suffered with anal fissures and haemorrhoids at the same time. Can imagine how painful she was when she poo. To make the matter worse, we have to put suppository into her anal to help her poo each time. From that day onwards, pass motion is a scary thing for her.  Whenever we put her on the potty she will cry and refused to poo, but eventually she will. For her to willingly go to the potty for poo is an impossible thing. From that day onwards, she always poo in the nappies instead. So now to be fully successful in potty train Esrene for poo, we really have to be patient and continue to pray that she will overcome her fear to poo.

We started to train Esrene to wee in the potty only one month ago when Tim, Audrey and Shanna came for visit. After seeing how successful Shanna is trained to wee on the potty, we decided to take the first step. It was challenging to train an active toddler. She couldn’t sit still on the potty to wee firstly because she is not used to it. The funniest thing is that she was shocked when she see her own wee, as if she never know what is “wee wee”. It was very tiring to train her initially having to deal with the mess afterward. With the big tummy, squatting up and down to clean up the mess is tiring. However after training for a few weeks,  finally she know how to wee on the potty when we told her to or even walk herself to the potty when she wants to wee. Even though she is still not fully train to wee on the potty but it is very close, much much better than her “number 2”.

We hope that she will be fully potty trained before her sibling comes. Anyway we are very proud for being able to learn it up so quickly.

IMG_7951 IMG_8009

5 Years Journey of Faith

Thursday, December 16, 2010

Can’t believe it has been 5 years since we recite our vows to become one as a husband and wife in the presence of God!

This journey is definitely not easy. We did not really have a honeymoon year. Lots of argument, misunderstand and quarrelling. But God is faithful, He always bind us together with Him love and bring us back together. Of course we still argue sometimes but we learn to resolve it in a fast and effective matter.

We want to thank God for His grace and faithfulness in our life, our marriage. He not only bring us closely together, He even bless us with two beautiful additions of life in our marriage – our two beautiful daughters within 5 years of marriage.

We pray that we will continue to serve Him, shine for Him together as a couple, a family. May our marriage glory His name.

We won’t be really celebrate our anniversary this year as we will be in the air flying to Malaysia!! But we have had our lovely and wonderful celebration earlier on at Bora Bora!

When the journey began….



and 5 years….


Dar, thank you for being a supportive, loving and caring husband as you promised to be. Thank you also for being such a wonderful father to our children!

Happy Anniversary!!!

Pregnancy Update (Mommy’s Journal)

Sunday, December 12, 2010

Still remember when I did my post-natal check up with the gynae early this year, doctor told me that my ovaries was full of cysts again (due to my PCOS problem) and no chance I can conceive without any treatment. This time we won’t really upset with the news knowing that all these are in God’s hands. Nothing we can do if it is not in His will. We already so happy to have a miracle blessing of Esrene from Him!

Really praise God for His faithfulness and blessing with another miracle life no long after the check up.

Pregnancy this time round is tougher. Morning sickness is worse. Maxolon (anti nausea pills) that I took during my 1st pregnancy no long works this time. Nausea and vomit which later leads to acid reflux was terrible. Having to take care of a young toddler while struggled with morning sickness (MS) was worse! Esrene was upset because I could not pay much attention to her due to the sickness. Because of the terrible MS, I even felt a bit depress and hate my pregnancy!

Thank God for a very supportive and helpful husband who take over my roles to take care of Esrene when he comes back from work and during weekend. Bathing, feeding, changing, cooking for Esrene and even helping me do most of the housework while letting me take as much rest as possible. That’s exactly what I need the most that time. Thanks dar for being such a great hubby and father!!

During my 13 weeks check up, one of the obstetrician who examine me prescribed me with this amazing anti nausea pills called “Zofran Zydis Wafer” which is as thin as wafer that melt on the tongue within an second and works within a second too to stop the nausea and the vomit of course. Doc told me these are the “superior” pills prescribed when maxolon is not working. It really saved my day and make me feel “more like human”. I can start attending to Esrene and do some stuffs at home after the pill. Too bad I was introduced with the pill close to the end of my morning sickness. A lot of friends I know are very sceptical about anti nausea pills during pregnancy. To me, after gone through 2 bad morning sickness, if the pills are tested safe for pregnancy and can make me more sane, let me able to enjoy my pregnancy more and my time with my family during pregnancy, why not?!

24 weeks now, we thank God for His continuous protection upon the baby. The baby is growing well in the womb. We keep telling Esrene there’s a baby in mummy’s tummy. Now then she sees my bump she will touch and said “bubba”. Every morning and before sleep we will ask her to say “hi” or “bye” to baby and give baby a kiss. She is doing very well with it now. When she heard the heart beat of the baby during my check up she will respond with “wah!!!”. We really hope when her sibling comes out she will be a loving sister, not feeling jealous at all.

As the baby continue to grow bigger each day, doing house work and attend to Esrene is getting harder, especially when I have to blend down. Too much of blending and squatting cause some backache in me now, or maybe I am getting older? mmm….

Here’s the photos of our little Jewel during 18 weeks scan.

little jewel 18 weeks Baby curving both legs up towards the chest

little jewel 18 weeks-1 Close look of the face, looks like a very sharp nose

The ultrasound specialist did a 3D scan to see the little Jewel for us but somehow it wasn’t record in the DVD she passed to us, disappointed!!!

Yes, a little Jewel!! Daddy loves girls. Now he got a little princess and a little jewel to “manja” with him!

Heavenly Getaway

Sunday, December 5, 2010

We were away for 8 days immersed ourselves in a beautiful, heavenly island last week.


This is a long planning trip since years ago. Remember when we celebrated our 1st anniversary, we promised each other we will want to go somewhere nice to celebrate our 5th anniversary. We were choosing between Maldives – the dream place for our honeymoon last time, and Bora Bora – the island we fall in love with from a documentary. We decided to go for Bora Bora as the distance from Melbourne is nearer and the price is quite reasonable.

Here’s some quick introduction of Bora Bora. Bora Bora is one of the most beautiful islands belong to French Polynesia. It is situated at South Pacific Ocean, surrounded by lagoon and barrier reef. In the centre of the island are remnants of an extinct volcano rising to two peaks – Mt Pahia & Mt Otemanu. There’s only 5000+ residences in the island.


The Tahiti Faa’a International Airport is located at Tahiti, which is the largest island of French Polynesia and also the centre of economic, culture and politic.

We have to fly to Auckland (with Emirates) then from Auckland transit to Tahiti (with Air Tahiti Nui), after that take a domestic fly to Bora Bora. The total journey is around 9 hours, which is not too bad. We really thank God that Esrene was coping very well with the flight. She sleep through most of the journey from Auckland to Tahiti. She was very excited to see the aeroplane as well.

IMG_5834 IMG_5836 Conquered daddy’s seat and trying to buckle herself up.

It is about 21 hours different between Melbourne and Tahiti. So when we arrived at Tahiti, it was around 10pm there (which is 7pm in Melbourne a day after). We were transferred to Sofitel Tahiti Hotel for one night stay. Esrene was quite refreshed after her nap and slept around 12am there!!

The next morning, we still have plenty of time to have our brekkie provided by the hotel and walked around before the shuttle picked us up to the airport.

1st Day

Tahiti Faa’s International Airport is just the size of Terengganu Airport, without any terminal either for domestic or international flight. So we have to walk our way up to the flight. This give Esrene a close up view of the aeroplane!

It takes 45 min for us to fly to Bora Bora. Upon arriving at the airport, we were welcome with Frangipani Lei by the hotel staff (we had been receiving lots and lots of frangipani flowers and Lei since we step into Tahiti), then they lead us to the boat to transfer to our hotel, Sofitel Bora Bora Marara & Private Island. Yes, another transfer!! Bora Bora Airport is located on an outer Motu called Motu Mute, so all the hotels will have to arrange their own boat to transfer their customers to the hotel.

1st Day1

Due to long period of cold weather in Melbourne, we all struggled with the heat and humid weather of Tahiti/ Bora Bora. The weather was around 24-26 degree but Esrene looks like a little sweating lobster most of the time!

When we arrived at the hotel pier, we were welcome with a Tahitian guitarist singing their local welcome song and a beautiful Tahitian lady who lead us into the hotel deck for registration. Nice cold welcome fruit juice, beautiful scenery, friendly host – we just fell in love with the hotel service.

1st Day2

We have a garden bungalow which is just behind the beach bungalow, few steps away from the beach. It looks more like a beach bungalow to us. Really praise God for the nice location.

5th day 

The view in front of our bungalow

5th day1

Our hotel package includes daily American breakfast. However, the breakfast is never changing. After 8 days we were kinda sick of the ham, bacon, wages, bread, French bread, eggs!

IMG_6131However, the restaurant is facing the sea view and water bungalow. Nice and relaxing view for the breakfast. After breakfast Esrene will walk near to the bench to see fishes and feed fishes. We couldn’t believe that even the sea next to the restaurant of the hotel is so crystal clear. We can see fishes and corals through it without having to snorkel.

3rd day 

Maybe cause of the humid and hot weather, we weren’t that hungry. We normally will only have a sandwich for lunch in the hotel sharing among us. No doubt hotel foods are expensive. We had our dinner at the restaurant nearby our hotel (only limited restaurants within walking distance). We discovered a restaurant operates under a 2 star hotel (Le Maitai) within walking distance which serve quite a nice food and cheaper compare with other restaurant.  That was our regular place for dinner after that.

4th day Seafood pasta and Mahi-mahi burger (dolphin fish) served by Le Maitai restaurant

7 days in the island we only went to the town Vaitape, Lagoonarium and went for a sunset cruise, other than that we just spend our time relax in the hotel, have a dip in the pool and enjoy the scenery, the beach and the crystal clear sea. This was the best and most refreshing holiday for us.

5th day2Have a little swim in the pool

 IMG_6145 IMG_6160

Cheeky girl pretending to “sun bathing” under the umbrella like the angmo auntie in front of her did.

2nd daySpending time at the private beach of the resort. Esrene still hates to put her feet on the sand but enjoy playing with sand castle.

3rd day1Our hotel water bungalows. You can just jump down from the bungalow for a swim and snorkelling anytime you like. Perhaps this will be the place to stay for our 10th anniversary trip?

1st Day3 Visitation to the Bora Bora town Vaitape – a very small town with limited shops. The life of the people there are very simple.



Tahitian folk dance performance in the hotel. Esrene was curious initially with the dancers but when we went to take photo with them, she was scared and cried!

3rd day2

Visiting Bora Bora Lagoonarium to “interact” with turtles, sharks, stingrays and tropical fishes. These creators are all in the sea not the pool. Yes, the sea in Bora Bora is this crystal clear, cleaner than our swimming pool!

Esrene wasn’t scared at all with the fishes that swim around her.

5th day3The sunset cruise. It was a very relaxing cruise sailing on the sea while waiting for the sunset. Esrene loves to be at the catamaran and busy helping the captain “sailing” the ship!!  Too bad at the end the sunset was covered by a sudden big grey cloud.

IMG_6241                          Beautiful Mt Otemanu from the cruise

Our hotel has a private island just opposite the motu, with some bungalows and a restaurant there. The hotel provides unlimited boat transfer for the guests to travel between the motu. They even set up some nice seats and hut for the guests to enjoy the sunset view on the hill. On our last night at Bora Bora, we went to the private island for sunset view and also private dinner.


5th day4 Beautiful sunset view from the hill

5th day5 Romantic dinner with signature dishes and a big “lamp post” which “brighten” up our dinner :D

8 days trip end so quickly. Un-reluctantly we have to leave the island, back to Melbourne for our busy life. We left Bora Bora to take our domestic flight to Tahiti around 5pm. The hotel was so kind to extend our stay until 4pm so that we can have a siesta before leaving.


We were sent off by the hotel staffs with some nice handmade seashell necklace as a farewell “safe journey” gift.

Arrived at Tahiti Sofitel hotel was just nice for the dinner. Selwyn take the chance to try out a hawker food at the road side outside our hotel.

5th day6Looks like Ramli burger stall hey? Look at their stall and how they prepare the food we can imagine how simple their life is.

The sign wrote “Chicken or steak with fries or CHEO-MEN (we think is fried noodle)” for 950 Francs which is equivalent to around AUD12. The living expenses in French Polynesia is pretty high. Even a normal hawker dishes cost around AUD12. To eat in the cafe or restaurant at least need to spend AUD30 per person for a simple meal.

Boarding Air Tahiti Nui to Auckland.

IMG_6422 IMG_6426 IMG_6429IMG_6430

The last Francs note left from the trip.

Bye Bora Bora. We enjoyed ourselves so much even though Ida and Esrene are quite tans after the trip. Will miss this beautiful island. Hope to be back one day!

P.S More photos and videos available in our private photo album for security purpose. If you want to view, kindly drop us a message and your email address. Gmail address required to login to the album.