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Guess where the music comes from…

Monday, November 30, 2009

One afternoon, after my lunch and some play time, I started to yawn, so mummy put me down in my cot for afternoon nap.As usual, I whined in my cot refused to sleep (normally I will fall asleep after 5-10 min whining). So mummy went to the living room to have her lunch. After 5 min, suddenly mummy heard some music sounds like a music mobile I have. She checked the play mat, the mobile was there without moving. So she started to track towards the direction of the music, it was from my room!!! Except for the music, mummy couldn’t hear any of my noise in the room. She decided to quietly open the door and peep in to have a look, and this is what she found…

Mummy, I am just learning from you. I saw you pulling the handle to make the music ring from this little house, so now I am doing it myself.

Mummy has to keep away this musical toy from my cot so that I can "concentrate" on my sleeping rather than playing.

I have my 2 front tooth already!! I was so cranky for the last week crying in pain middle of the night as I was teething. Now then the 2 little tooth of mine are out, I feel much better now. I can bite and bite on everything now with my tooth!!


While packing in my room, mummy found this little hat in my tall boy. It fits just nicely on my head. Do I look cute with this hat? Now then I can wear the hat out to block the summer sun :)

During the weekend, daddy mummy brought me to our life group multiplication party. I was overwhelmed with the toys in the playmat. I was so happy playing those toys that I totally ignore daddy mummy. Felishia was trying to play with me, but I also ignore her and continue my "hammering". (Felishia is 2 months older than me).

My Sculpture Arrived

Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Remember 2 months ago I told you that daddy mummy did my feet and hand sculpture for me in the blog? Well, after so many weeks, daddy finally received it!!! Daddy was so excited when he bought back home the sculpture. Daddy showed it to me, I love it so much!!! I keep touching the frame just hoping that I can reach out to my little sculpture hand and feet.

Isn’t my sculpture nice?!


Close up look of the sculptures


Mummy compared the size of my feet now with the sculpture and realised that my feet is much bigger now even though it is just few weeks ago!

IMG_8563 I am growing fast daddy mummy said.

This is the photo of my little feet on the 2nd day after I was born in daddy’s hands.


Mummy tried to take the similar post for comparison now – 33 weeks.

IMG_8567Look how much I grow!!! Mummy complaint that it is so hard to take the similar post of my feets now coz I keep moving and can’t stay still for 1 minute. Mummy, there’s more interesting thing out there than laying there for you to take the photos of my feet!!!

Sniff Sniff!!

Tuesday, November 24, 2009

I am sick :( I caught some cold from Daddy! Now I am having running nose and little cough. Mummy brought me to see doc, Dr Peter said I am fine, just have a little cold, mummy just has to clear my nasal often to make sure I can breath better. However, I am very fussy and glumpy especially when come to feeding time and sleeping coz I can’t breath properly. I will cry and cry refuse to sleep or feed.

I am very clingy as well, mummy has to always be there to accompany me when I play or having my nap. Mummy also caught the cold virus from Daddy, she is very tired but still have to take care of me. Sorry mummy!

Despite of that, I never fail to give mummy daddy some smile during the day.

I learned how to clip hands now as well. When mummy say “clip clip, clip hands Esrene”, or when I see daddy mummy clip hands, I will clip my hands.

Daddy mummy pray that I will recover very soon so that I can be a cheerful girl as I used to be.

I can also say "da da...da di" now....I am trying to call daddy you see!!!

These is the video clip of me practicing my new skill of sitting up…mummy captured this video one week ago when I was just a beginning. Now I can easily sit up within a sec.

7 months old and growing...

Sunday, November 15, 2009

I turned 7 months on Saturday!!These are some of the things that I enjoy doing as a 7 month old baby.

I love my food more than milk now. My favourite food now are chicken with avocado puree & Australia juicy mango…yum yum!!


I can sit myself up from crawling position now. I will do my “ballet split” to position myself up to the sitting position. Daddy mummy didn’t get to take the video, will share with you my new skill when they capture some video of me “performing” my new skill.

I still love reading bible very much.


Jesus says “man shall not live by bread alone but by the words of God”. So I decided to eat the bible!


This is how I sound when mummy press on my nose…

I enjoy sitting on daddy's shoulder. I am high high up and can see a lot of things. So fun!!

I love going shopping with daddy mummy. I enjoy it even more if they put me in the trolley…

or in the shopping basket!

IMG_8437 IMG_8438

I love splashing water when I am in the bath tub. It is my little swimming pool at home!! Because of this, I often wet the room carpet. Daddy mummy said they have to bath me in the bathroom in future :( Why can’t the bath tub be my swimming pool???

Besides all these, I love to smile and laugh a lot now. It is a very fun age to be coz I have a lot more skills that enable me see more things and play around…


Another milestone

Friday, November 6, 2009

Today mummy discovered that I can crawl!! Mummy said it is a bit too early, coz I just know how to sit and not very stable with my sitting but I can now crawl!

Mummy realised that I keep eyeing her mobile phone when she was talking to daddy on the phone while playing with me in the play mat. So after the call, mummy put the mobile in front of me just to see how I respond. The mobile was too interesting. So I try my best to push and push forward to get the mobile. Finally I manage to grab hold on it! But too bad, mummy took it away once I got it…why mummy? Can’t I have this as my toy???

2nd attempt of crawling...

After I know this new skill, I have been pushing myself forward to grab the toys and things I see around me….how convenience!!

So this is where I ended up in....my sleeping bag ...

Daddy mummy said now they have to quickly get the gate and keep all the dangerous stuffs in the house to prevent me from reaching to them. They never thought I can crawl so fast so never prepare anything. I can foresee it will be a busy weekend for them to tidy up the house then!

My 1st Wedding Party

Sunday, November 1, 2009

Auntie Liza and Uncle Simon getting married on Saturday at Morning Star Estate, a very beautiful estate in Mt Eliza. Daddy mummy dressed me up with a new dress that mummy got for me during winter sales.

                        I was wondering, who is this beauty girl in front of the mirror?


                         Ah….it’s me!!! Am I pretty?

 IMG_8210 IMG_8177

Daddy drove us to this beautiful Estate in the evening. I was so excited that I refused to have my nap in the car until I nearly arrived. So daddy mummy had to stay in the car waiting for me to wake up from my nap after arrived.

This is the view of the wine yard in the estate.


I love the fresh air and beautiful garden there. See how happy I was. IMG_8240


Of course daddy mumm don’t forget to take family photo with me. More photos in uncle Chris camera though.

IMG_8256 copy

The wedding theme is red, so daddy wear red tie, mummy wear red flower, I wear red dress.

During the wedding ceremony, I was busy with the ceremony booklet coz I want to know the detail of whole ceremony.

IMG_8286 IMG_8283  

Of course I also enjoyed the wedding ceremony witness Uncle Simon & Auntie Liza exchanged vow. See how much I pay attention during the ceremony.

IMG_8297 IMG_8296  IMG_8295


Daddy mummy are very proud of me as I behave really well. After the ceremony, mummy gave me a feed, daddy changed me, then I got into my pram for nap without making noise. I can even slept through during the reception even with music around me!! However, daddy mummy left pretty early so that I didn’t have to go to bed too late.

Overall, I enjoyed my 1st wedding party and met with a lot of aunties uncles,also took a lot of photos with them.

I am so happy for Auntie Liza & Uncle Simon. Congratulation Auntie and Uncle Peeters!!! May you have a blessed marriage together!! (Daddy mummy didn’t manage to capture much photos of you two together so cannot upload here, we will wait for Uncle Chris & Auntie Sue’s photos).