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Five months achievement

Sunday, September 13, 2009

I turned five months today! To celebrate my five months old, I have made a great achievement which daddy mummy have been waiting a while for it.....


Yes! I finally can roll over now! I have been trying to roll over during the weekend but I always stuck half way and sometimes I will feel frustrated and cried. But today I know I am turning five months old, so I need to have an achievement that will make daddy mummy proud of me. Mummy was very thrilled that she is the first to see my achievement and even able to record down my first time rolling over in the video clip.

Since the first success, I have been trying to flip over whenever I am on my back even when daddy mummy change me on the changing table. So now they can't even leave their hands off me when I am on the changing table.


Julia said...

Her facial expression at the end is priceless... it's like "Mummy is so proud of me so I'm going to do it more!"

Anonymous said...

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