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I am a Liverpool girl

Monday, September 28, 2009

Mummy got daddy his favourite team’s 2009-2010 jersey and it just arrived today. I have the honour to be the model to present the gift to daddy. I think it is a little too big for me. I can’t find my hands! Daddy came back today and after giving me my routine bath. He put it on me again, however true to my namesake as daddy’s girl, I decided to be as cheeky as daddy by chucking on his new present. He was not angry but said this to me “That’s my girl!”


Do you think Liverpool will be interested to hire me as their baby model? 

During the weekend, I also have the opportunity to be a hoddie girl! Weather suddenly gets really cold recently so all of us have to wear tight jacket, just nice daddy mummy and I were wearing hoddie jackets. So we took a photo to remember this hoddie day! Hoddie family say “good-day mate” to everyone!