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Birthday Bash for the 2 Princesses

Saturday, April 27, 2013

Time flies, our 2 little girls already 4 and 2!!!
Since the past few years mommy hasn't put much effort to do a nice birthday party for the girls (1st year busy with work/business, 2nd year just delivered, 3rd year bad morning sickness), thus this year mummy decided to set aside 2 weeks to prepare a nice birthday bash for her 2 princesses. This will be also be the last big birthday bash for them until they are much older.

Esrene wanted a princess party. She even choose her cake design!! (Kids nowsaday are blessed and spoilt). Mommy came across a very nice princess party idea online while searching for idea, so decided to use the same concept for their princesses party.

Birthday invitation card with map of the party printed. The girls were so excited to see their invitation card and helped to seal in the envelope for their friends.

A few activities have been prepared for the kids in the party according to the map from the invitation card. There's butterflies forest upon the entrance, then the knights training ground with "made your own shield" corner before the "princesses and knights" come to the princess castle  under the rainbow :D

Inside the castle there are activities for them to colour the princesses/knight and make the crown too!
Thanks to Uncle Tim & Auntie Audrey for the boxes from their cargo, mommy managed to made use of them to make a pink colour with the left over paint for the party.

The kids enjoying themselves at the party

And the sugar heaven for the kids.....the dessert table!

Esrene wanted a castle cake and decided that her "mei mei" should have the princess doll cake. Mummy thought it will be weird to only have one dolly cake for 2 princesses' party so at the end 2 mini dolly cakes was made besides the castle cake!
All things princess - princess cookies, princess cupcakes, princess dolly cake, princess cupcakes etc....
Labour of love by mummy and daddy did the fairy bread :D

The girls had a blast on that day.

Esrene couldn't wait to open the presents right after the guests left.

As usual they were very excited to receive the gifts but it last for few days before they started to throw the toys away or ignore them. Well kids!

Mummy daddy hoped that you girls enjoy the party which mummy spent time on. May God continue to shine upon you everyday and His hands are on both of you in everything you endeavor.

Love mummy, daddy 

p.s. Grandpa, grandmas, aunties and uncles please don't buy anymore toys, books and puzzles for them. They have more than enough and started to destroy the toys, throw them everywhere, not knowing how to appreciate anymore. Please help them to grow to appreciate and be content with just a little.


Thursday, March 28, 2013

A quick post to say hello!

Sorry for MIA for so long as mummy is very very busy with work, business and taking care of us.

Big sister (soon to be 4) enjoys her kinder very much and can’t wait to go kinder everyday. She has grown up so much, now a little big girl who doesn’t like to eat rice but love her pasta.image

2nd sister (soon to be 2) is in her “miserable 2” stage, whining everyday for tiny little stuffs and non stop asking for food (she is a big eater), but still remain cheeky and cheerful like she used to me.


Little Anndelle already 4.5 months old. She is growing very quick, roll over her tummy since 3 months old, very chatty and the most cheerful and happiest girls among all.


Till then. Blessed Easter everyone!

Gong Xi Gong Xi

Thursday, February 7, 2013

To all our beloved family and friends.....

Gong Xi Gong Xi!!! May you be filled with the goodness of God and His blessing throughout the year!

新年蒙福! 恭喜恭喜!!

and don't forget the little Anndelle also wana wish you Happy Chinese New Year! 

Merry Christmas & blessed new year!!!

Monday, December 24, 2012

In this Christmas & new year, may the LOVE of God fills your heart, may you experience His PEACE in many ways, may you find JOY in many way and discover that (or remember) Jesus is our own HOPE!





1 Month Already!!!

Sunday, December 9, 2012

Couldn't believe Anndelle is already 1 month old!! It feels like she was born just few days ago!!

Baby Anndelle has grown quite a lot within this 1 month. She had a growth spurt as well. She has put on 1.1kg within 1 month, and grow 3cm taller!!

Same like what we did for the 2 elder sisters, we had a small family celebration with a cake on Friday evening which was her actual fullmoon date.


Big sis wana have a photo with fullmoon girl while 2nd jie jie not into taking photo. Jie Jie Esrene had Christmas party at her childcare on that day, thus the face painting (which she said is lovely) and the white string is the balloon tied to her hand.




Cutting cake with Po Po


                                           The girls power!!!


thank you Yea Yea, Ma Ma, Po Po, Yee Po (s), Yee Yee and aunties uncles for the angpow blessing

Since PoPo is here we took the opportunity to ask her to make some fullmoon delicacy for us to distribute to the close friends like what we did for the 2 girls before. PoPo was busy for 2 full days making kueh, nasi kunyit and chicken curry to get ready for our friends to pick up on Saturday afternoon. Thanks mother!! You are the best!



Since this will be our last baby, I decided to make a nicer packaging to put all these delicacy. I was looking around for the brown paper bag that I wanted but most of the sellers are selling in 100s! After discussed with mother, I decided to make my own paper bag to suit the size of the containers as well.


Even though it was quite time consuming making these by myself but I felt the sense of satisfaction looking at the end result, or rather my de-stress therapy Smile

We had a busy yet wonderful weekend for us catching up with our close friends. We wana thank all of them for sparing their time to visit us and also their generous gift blessing for Anndelle!

Happy fullmoon our little precious Anndelle!! May you grow stronger each day!


Wednesday, November 14, 2012

Hello world, it’s me Anndelle!!


A lot of daddy mummy’s friends were very surprise with my arrival and wonder why daddy mummy kept it so secretive when mummy was pregnant with me. Well, when mummy thought she was already very overwhelm with 2 kids and happy with just 2, God decided to bless them with the 3rd one…me!! So it was a big surprise to them to expect me as well, so they decided to keep it as a surprise to the friends around tooSmile


My first name Anndelle is from the combination of two names – Annis and Fredelle, which means gentle and holy. My middle name is Ern-lin 恩琳. When daddy was praying for my name, John 1:16 keep popping out of his head -  “Out of his fullness we have all received grace in place of grace already given”. With the help of lovely auntie Bee they decided to name me Ern-lin means abundant grace.


Both my “jie jie” were overdue babies. Finally I am on time or rather few days earlier and born on 7 November 30 min before midnight!!! Daddy wonder whether I can have free slurpee from SEVEN ELEVEN for my whole life since I was born on 7 11 Open-mouthed smile


mummy kneeling on the bedside coping with contraction pain (still coping alright with the MVUs 100 contraction). 3rd time around she decided it felt way better to be in other position than lay down on the bed during contraction.


Mummy too exhausted (no pain relief this time round…too tough) after delivered me, taking a nap while waiting to be transferred to the ward.

I get to meet my 2 “jie jie” the next morning.


Jie jie Esrene was so excited to meet me! She couldn’t  stop holding me, giving me kisses and cuddles. She said “Esrene loves baby!!!”.


Rennice jie jie was a bit unsure what is going on and who am I besides calling me “baby”. She just followed what Esrene Jie Jie did.


Daddy had heart to heart talk with me


As you see, I am so loved by my family!!!

I am a very alert baby. I feed very well and grow very well everyday. I put on 40-50g per day. Thus, I also poo very frequently and wasting a lot of nappies everyday!

Daddy mummy pray that I will grow healthily each day and thank God for my life in the family!



Discovering the fun of parenting

Monday, October 22, 2012

Parenting can be very challenging. Sometimes I think it is much easy if I can just baby sit my kids instead of parenting them. Watching over them to make sure they are safe, well feed and grow is easy but for us parents it’s more than that God entrusts us to do for our children.

Esrene is into her tantrum throwing stage now – the miserable 3! She wants her way, wants her say. A “no” from us most of the time will make her have her melt down moment. It’s quite challenging and tiring for us to deal with her.

Lately we were introduced by a close friend to the parenting video and book by Danny Silk called “Loving your kids on purpose”. It is a totally different approach from what we always hear, know or learn all these while. It is rather an interesting concept based on the relationship with the kids and the free choice rather than controlling. So we thought it’s not bad to try on the approach.

One day while Esrene was playing with our friend’s daughter in our house and having cheese as snack, she had her melt down moment again just because she accidently tear off the piece of cheese she was about to eat. She said it is torn, refused to eat that and want a new one! We told her it is ok to eat the torn cheese and it will still taste as yummy as the complete piece but no she started to throw her tantrum, crying and screaming her head off. After a few attempts to talk to her, daddy was frustrated and brought her into her room for time out. Yet she didn’t give up, screamed and cried in her room. So I decided to try on Danny Silk’s approach. I walked into her room, trying to remain calm and put up a smile at the same time. Then I squad down and told her “Hey darling, crying and whining is no fun at all. Everyone is having fun outside. When you think you are fun enough to play outside, you can come out and join us. If not it is ok for Esrene to stay in the room”. After I gave her a pet at her head, I walked out. Less than 1 minute, she stopped all her crying and whining, walked out getting ready to play again. I reminded me “Hey Esrene, remember, be fun ok?”. She nodded. Phew!! What a relieve!!! Finally I manage to make my melt down girl to stop her tantrum throwing without much effort and anger involved! But I thought I could have tried the approached when she started to fuss about her cheese…anyway it’s a good start.



My 2nd attempt on the approach:

One night, Esrene was playing up refused to brush her teeth before going to bed. I approached her with the smile and ask her calmly “Esrene, do you know what will happen if we do not brush our teeth?”. She looked at me with a puzzled look. I continued “Without brushing, our teeth will drop off one by one, and at the end we have no more teeth to eat anything. We can’t eat lollies, can’t eat chippy, can’t eat cakes, nothing we can eat except drinking milk like a baby!”. Then I walked off to do my thing.

After 5-10min, I walked back to Esrene and asked calmly “So Esrene, have you decide whether you want your teeth or no teeth?”.

She shouted “I want my teeth!!!”.

Then I asked “What do you think you should do if you want to keep your teeth?”.

This time she said excitedly “Esrene wana go brush teeth now mummy!!” and off to the bathroom she went to get the toothbrush for me to help her brushing her teeth.

I have to admit, that’s the most joyful moment in my whole parenting all these while!!!! I managed to not only guide my tantrum throwing daughter to make a correct choice herself happily without having to raise my voice, cause any crying or tears from her side, but I also manage to teach her a short lesson of the reason we want to brush teeth Smile It’s a sense of victory to me! Suddenly I see the fun of parenting!!!! I am glad I am able to start applying what I’ve learned and praying that God will give me more creative ideas to parenting my child in a peaceful way without having to lose my temper and raise my voice.


Mummy Siu