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I am two!!!

Tuesday, April 19, 2011

I am two years old already!!! On my birthday morning, mama called to wish me happy birthday. See how happy I talked to mama.

IMG_0326As the weather was cold and wet that day, daddy mummy took me to the indoor playground in the morning to play to let me enjoy my special day. There’s so many things there to play, slides, car, jumping castle…

2 yr old birthday2

I even play this table game with daddy! (don’t know what’s that called)


I enjoyed myself there so so much!!!

Before we leave the playground daddy bought me my favourite baby chino to drink as well.


You can see how much I love my baby chino


On Saturday daddy mummy gave me an even biggest surprise.

In the morning, a few of my little friends came over to our house with pressies for me. Actually Daddy mummy organised a very small bbq birthday party for me!!

After that mummy brought all of us to our backyard and show me the birthday pressie that daddy mummy bought for me.

It is a chubby house!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Actually this is the combination pressie from daddy mummy ,Yea Yea, Ma Ma, Pak Pak & Po Po (with their angpow money that they gave  me for birthday pressie). Mummy found this beautiful chubby house in ebay with a very good price. It took daddy a few days to assemble the whole house for me.

I was so puzzle when I saw the chubby house. I walked around the house for a few times before I decided to open the door and enter the house. I couldn’t believe I finally got a chubby house to play with!!!


Inside the chubby house there’s a table with a lot of food toys and 2 chairs as well! Mummy got them from ebay as well with very cheap price under the used items. And guess what, there’s even a door bell for my chubby house. I had a great time playing with my friends in the chubby house.


Of course I enjoy my first bbq food as well with my little friends.

2 yr old birthday1

Thanks to the great cook, daddy!!


After the yummy food, it is cake cutting time!!!

Mummy just delivered so she did not have time to bake my birthday cake. Instead she ordered a very yummy fruit salad cake for my birthday. The bear bear on top of the cake was done by mummy few months before. This is my favourite bear bear which I have to put besides on bed before I sleep!



A family photo before blowing the candles.



I love my cake and look so tentatively on it when everyone was singing birthday song for me.



After blowing the candles daddy helped me to cut the cake.



A photo with daddy mummy


See how much I enjoyed my birthday cake. It is yummy-licious!




Today I managed to enjoyed a lot of food that I haven’t try before – cake, bbq burger, cookies etc and all of them are so so yummy!!!

After this, I get to open my birthday pressie!! I have two beautiful dresses and two nice toys from my friends. I love opening my gifts, unwrap the pressie and see the surprise inside!!

Thank you auntie uncles, all my little friends and most of all, daddy mummy, po po and mei mei for giving me such a wonderful birthday party!!!

I enjoy myself a lot!!

2 yr old birthday

My Big “Jie Jie”

Saturday, April 16, 2011

When I just born Jie Jie came to visit me in the hospital. At first Jie Jie was so reluctant to cuddle me and kiss me when she first saw me, maybe because this is the first time she sees me. However, after sometimes jie jie started to kiss me and even asked mummy to let her carry me. See how loving jie jie was when carried me. 



Jie Jie loves to kiss me. She will kiss me everytime she sees me.



Jie jie trying to take off my hat and help me to put back again


Jie jie sharing her pram with me. She asked mummy daddy to put me besides me.




Jie jie loves to use the thing I use too.

She is trying to sleep in my baby cocoon, but jie jie I think you are a bit too big for that.




She loves to lay down on my rocker and play on it too!



Isn’t my jie jie so sweet and cute?? I am so glad to have a loving jie jie like her!!


The Appointed Time (Mummy’s sharing)

Friday, April 8, 2011

Finally after the long waiting, Rennice is out in the world. It is a relieve for me to be able to finally “unload” the heavy uncomfortable big tummy. Yes, another overdue baby. But this time it is just 3 days overdue. My mum and 3rd aunty were here 2 weeks ago to help us taking care of Esrene when I am in labour. We were hoping Rennice can be born earlier so that aunty get to see her before she flies back to Malaysia (she was only here for 2 weeks). Too bad Rennice has the mind of her own and decided to only came out right after aunty flew off!

I didn’t share the labour experience during Esrene’s time as the labour is too long (20 hours) and not an easy one, no point sharing it to scare the other first time mom. Well, this time it is totally different experience. From the start of the 1st contraction cramp till the delivery was only 4 hours plus. No induction, no epidural.

My 1st contraction started 2 hours after we came back from airport sending my auntie off middle of the night. It was quite an intense pain from the start. After managed and monitoring my own contraction at home and settled some stuffs for close to 2 hours, we decided to head off to the hospital. When we arrived in the hospital, my labour was even more intense and nearer to each other. I was 5cm dilated by then. Water broke after one hour plus and from there on everything just went so quickly, I dilated from 5cm till 10cm within 1 hour until delivered. In fact the midwife did inform me that once my water break things will go very quickly as this is not my 1st pregnancy.

As I took epidural when I delivered Esrene, this is the 1st time I experienced the real agony of pushing stage and learning how to push correctly from the midwife. It was crazy, scary and the most tiring ever “task” I ever did!! However I am thankful for the supportive husband and the caring midwives who’s there to encourage and help me.



Photo with Lillian the midwife (in red) and Katie the midwife in training




1st photo with Rennice


The proud daddy of two!

We are so proud of Esrene that she was behaving very well while we were in the hospital. She was very well behave and cooperative while my mom took care of her.  She even went to her room to sleep by herself without mom having to ask  her too. We are so amazed and proud of you little Esrene!! You are big girl and jie jie now!!


The big jie jie lovingly staring at her mei mei


Rennice did her infant hearing test which is compulsory & free by the hospital

I would like to thank God for:

1. Smooth and quick delivery

2. Good timing to travel to hospital (midnight without any traffic)

3. Healthy baby

4. Sufficient milk supply that came in much earlier compare during Esrene’s time

5. Good latching of Rennice on the breast

6. Esrene being a caring and loving sister without playing up

7. Great hospital service and facilities

8. Great help from my mom to take care of Esrene and to do cooking and housework for us this time


My 2 beds hospital room for the 2 nights. I had the room by myself for nearly 1.5 nights until the last day before discharge



One of the hospital meal. We have a big list of menu to choose for our 3 meals, from starter, soup, side dish, main course, dessert and drinks. By the way, this is a public hospital. (and yes, Selwyn was eating the meal in the photo Smile)


The hospital lunch & dinner menu. Too bad the hubby totally forgot to order dessert for my last 3 meals!! What a disappointment!!

Hello world!!!

Monday, April 4, 2011

Hello everyone, I am out finally to join the little family with daddy, mummy and jie jie on 3 April 2011. Thank you for all your prayer for me and mummy!! We are both safe and healthy.

You must be very interested to know what daddy mummy name me right? My name is Rennice Ern-ying Siu.

Rennice is the combination of Rena (meaning joy) and Annice (meaning pure). Daddy mummy hope that I always have a pure heart in the eyes of God and always bring the joy of God to the people around me. My middle name Ern-ying is my Chinese name 恩盈 meaning surplus or extra grace. I am the result of God’s extra grace for daddy mummy despite doctor told mummy she can’t conceive with another child.

From now on I will share my life story here with jie jie. Daddy mummy will update more of me in the blog when they have more time.